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Scamming on dating sites

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A lot of cam girls everywhere to..Be careful!

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I have noticed this too, ever watch that show Catfish. Its happens more often than we expect.

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These scams are very common. This website is not immune to scammers. Be careful and never send money to anyone for any reason.

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completly right

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Hi everyone! I want talk about scam. My experience show me bad guys, who just want my money. Let’s go.
Beware the message that looks like:
Hi i’am …. from Ghana… My late father was …. (president of jewellery company, Head of same company… and another). This “girl”, will write you about yourself, poor story, about her poor life. Now she lives in Dakar, or nearest state. And she lives in church like a refugee.
“Girls” talking with you in yahoo messenger. She sent her photos. You send your photos. Girls on this photo looks very well. Your conversation can go on few days. But conversation is very brief. And looks like, How r u honey? I miss you…. bla bla bla… and another many more warm words.
You are happy! Cool girl. Wants to meet you. You show your face by webcam… And very fast you’ll can see her face…. If you’ll ask her… But this is FAKE. Why? You’ll understand this later….
Whats happens next:
Linda: ok
Linda: can u do me a favour?
U: I listen u?
Linda: honey am staving and i want u to help me to buy some food stuffs
U: What’s heppend?
U: Tell me about this more…
U: Can u show me youself dear? WHAT HEPPEND? how i can help u?
Linda: honey send some money
U: Now you at home?
Linda Berry: yes
U: My dear show mme yourself too… What’s wrong? I’m worrying about u….

And in this dialog, you’ll can understand: DAMN! THIS IS BULLSHIT! THIS IS SCAM!!!


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