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Date at evening…
Posted at: 2018-11-21 08:48:23

As I just returned home from the store
it immediately struck me how wonderful
a date night spent in with you would be.
A chance for me to broil the big steaks I just bought
and sit there with you enjoying them
while admiring each other like we always have.
First though before all a nice shower
to get fresh for my lady so amazing
and be the best looking I can
for my beautiful Kira I adore deeply.

A date night in with my baby who means everything
so excites me my dear and really gets my heart beating,
it sings in cheer knowing that it will one day be real,
endless date nights both out and in
with my Angel best friend I want to be with through eternity.
Tonight though a date night in with my girl
cooking for her and then endless kissing,
snuggling, reading, and watching films among so many things.
A date night in with my Queenis what I
so yearn for and truly need.

Oh my dear sweetie how a date night with you
sends me soaring to the skies with all
of my hopes and dreams with me,
a date night in with my Kira my beautiful
dream in reality whom is my everything.
So as I now go into shower I will be
dreaming of you and all our date nights to come dear.
I love you my sweetie and will always
give you the best date nights when we are together
because you are an Angel, a Queen,
and truly divine and rare treasure I truly love
more than anything, anywhere ever.

Posted at: 2018-11-01 08:18:24

March 2011 – Photo section – webcam and cropping of image
Posted at: 2011-04-06 22:19:29

We are proud to introduce a very efficient tool that will allow users to submit their most recent photos. Since most computers and laptops these days now routinely come with a built-in webcam we have taken advantage of this feature and introduced a way for users to take pictures of themselves directly within seconds and submit for photo approval.

We are closely watching the use of these features and hope it continues to help the members benefit from this and many other tools and features that we are bringing to the Jumpdates website.

March 2011 – Facebook plugins (other)
Posted at: 2011-04-06 22:14:28

We have successfully integrated facebook plugins into the following sections of the Jumpdates website:

Photo section
You can now import your facebook photos (albums) into Jumpdates and you have complete control of what you want to display to the other members.

Jumpdates forum
You can now enter messages and responses directly into the forum posts though your facebook login. If you go to the Jumpdates forum you will see the ‘hot area’ where you can add your comments and responses. If you do not see it, please login with Facebook connect.

Facebook like
We have integrated the facebook like feature on the primary pages of the Jumpdates site which includes the home, blog, forum and member home page. Users who click on this and specify like will increment the count figure.

March 2011 – Facebook connect launched takings seconds to register to Jumpdates!
Posted at: 2011-04-06 21:18:17

We have successfully implemented a facebook connect plugin allowing users to benefit from an exceptionally quick sign-up process.

This allows new users to join Jumpdates with relative ease by logging into their facebook account and allowing specific information to be sent to Jumpdates to create a new membership in mere seconds.

February 2011 – New home page look
Posted at: 2011-04-06 21:13:08

We have touched up the new home page look of to make it more visually appealing by taking out unnecessary spacing and maintaining symmetry.

CSS buttons have been added to replace the image buttons that we had previously and now the buttons look neater and also search engine friendly.

In addition changes have been made to the member login pages where the information on each of the pages have been contained and thus allowing a banner to be positioned in each of the pages without compromising on user experience.

just testing please ignore
Posted at: 2011-04-01 19:09:09

=== Here is a useful demo page showing you how to add links, images and videos

Appearance and dress sense really count in dating:

Improving your chances of finding that perfect partner

and even topics that are not always common…
Dating another women from a different culture

strong relationship

December 2010 – Dating Site Reviews Launched
Posted at: 2011-04-01 18:23:14

After much deliberation we decided to offer our users a valuable resource in our Blog and are located under the two main categories “Free Dating Site Reviews” and “To Online Dating Site Reviews”. These are designed to help users find out what the site is all about before trying it out and thus save them time and money in the process.

So far our collection of reviews have totaled over 70 websites where we do comprehensive review unlike other review sites that includes unbiased information on the following;

Look & Feel
Registration Process
Login & Customizing Profiles
Photo Profile Section
Browse & Search Feature
How Much It Costs (applies to paid sites only)
Other Features
Member Base
Ranking Statistics

These are unbiased and highly comprehensive information about a dating site put together by our own team and will give you much information about the site before you decide to spend all this time to sign-up.

To locate the review information on each site, go to our Blog and then scan down the category headings showing Reviews.

February 2011 – Dr Dato blog introduced
Posted at: 2011-03-30 21:57:06

We introduced a new blog category called “Dr Datos Online Dating Briefs”.

We found that many users of online dating are looking for essential pieces of information that would benefit them in the search for their partner through online dating sites. In addition to the extensive reviews of all the current top and free dating sites out there, we thought readers would be interested to know some information as it pertains to online dating.

Some of the topics that Dr Dato covers include the following;
– Recent events and happenings of online dating developments – The summary points to other blog articles or news and attempts to provide a brief overview of the essence of the story conveyed.

– Useful information related to online dating
This area covers information that is constantly being developed and how the online dater can maximize the efficiency of their time to have a higher success rate in online dating. Some topics covered include the kind of profiles that one should put up and what to say, including a recent article ”the secret to online dating success’

Dr Dato will continue to cover all aspects of online dating, but would like feedback from their users as to what the readers would like to be posted. After all, it’s the users at the end of the day that we are trying to make this section work for.

January 2011 – Bing/Yahoo search engine issue detected for Jumpdates
Posted at: 2011-03-30 21:49:33

We had discovered that Bing and Yahoo had in fact dropped Jumpdates from their index and it has been happening for a while. To read more about this issue, please visit the posting

Why dating reviews don’t show their date of posting? – Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato – Part 5

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