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Things to Avoid in Office Romances and how to keep it secret

Friday, August 31st, 2012

In our previous articles we discussed about how office romance certainly works but if you don’t take the necessary step to keep it a secret in the early stage you and your dating partner can face unwanted situations.



Here are top FIVE ways to keep your office romance a secret:

1. Don’t choose to do overtime on the same day or if you cannot avoid it ensure that it does not happen often as it send a strong signal to your other co-workers that something is going on between you two.

2. Only communicate using office phones for official use and not for personal as you don’t know a cross connect could leak through which you don’t want to be public.

3. This is especially for guys, don’t feel jealous when your female dating partner spends some time with other guys. In public and professional life it is normal. Don’t show signs that make people think that you are both seeing each other.

4. If you are a manager and dating your colleague then don’t give him/her the care or importance that he/she does not deserve. This way you send strong signals that you unfairly favor him/her which opens up questions.

If both of you are into each other and decide to get married then don’t keep it a secret from your friends. Throw a party and announce in public as this sends the strong message that both of you are in love and there is nothing official about this relationship.

Comment on this and tell us what you could tolerate with your office dating coworker and how you would handle this delicate situation.

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Review of Paid Social Dating Site –

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

South Asia and especially India is really heating up as new online dating destination. The advantage with India is its huge population with a majority of them being young online singles. Social dating sites on the rise are attracting these singles to flirt with other online singles. is social dating site such as this and are becoming hot favorite destinations of Indian online singles.

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Review of Paid Social Dating Site – - Part 2

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

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It takes only a minute to register as user providing only the basic information. You need to follow through the verification link in your email to make your account live.

Photo Profile Section

Number of pictures you upload in your dating profile sends a strong signal about your social life. You can upload multiple photos on your dating profile and also a good thing is that you can import pictures from your Facebook account.
You can set any one of your profile picture as default picture. However, like other social networking and dating sites its profile is not public so you can’t share it on your other social networking profiles.

Browse & Search Features

This website tracks you and shows your local matches by default but you can also do a custom search that allows you to search using the zip code. You can only search 500 miles away from the zip you type.

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Review of Paid Social Dating Site – - Part 3

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

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If you are looking for match from some remote location you should have zip code of that city. Sad thing is that you don’t have many search features that help you filter profiles using interest and other match making criteria. This is serious concern as every search gives you hundreds of result that you need to tediously filter through.


You can send direct messages to the one you find but, wait a minute it is not free. There are packs that you can go for that connects you with the ones you like.
First pack that you can buy for is $1 that allow you to connect with only one member for lifetime, another pack is of $4 using this you are allowed to communicate with 5 members for lifetime. This pack is very popular on this site.

You can also buy a best value pack for $10, using this you can send unlimited messages to 15 members. But, there is no monthly subscription which would be more convenient for users.

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Review of Paid Social Dating Site – - Part 4

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

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Other Features

There are no other features on this site however, there are few premium features like “Center Stage” and “Become a Star” that features your profile on top of their site for $1 each.

Member Base

The current member base of the site is 4, 327,700 displayed as counter on their home page. There are plenty of singles were online during the review which shows that it has gained some popularity amongst Indian online singles.

Ease of registration process 3 out of 5
Look and feel of website 1 out of 5
Available features 1 out of 5
Profile creation & completeness 2 out of 5
Matching System 1 out of 5
Overall Rating 1.6 out of 5

Ranking Statistics has high ranking site and currently is 797 in India and 10,890 Global ranking. Website has good consistent traffic and shows overall improvement in number of visitors in last 3 months.

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