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Monday, August 31st, 2015 - once a high achiever has lost significant traffic to its site. Through means which we do not know completely, but we are left with a sense of wonder how we look at winners and losers of today.

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President Obama Flirting? Best looking Kamala Harris – Indian Connection

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

There is a lot of buzz in the US media and on social networking on the recent comment made by President Obama on Californian attorney General Kamala Harris. He said that she is brilliant, dedicated, thoughtful in implementing laws and on top of that she is the best looking attorney general in the country. He did apologize for his remark as confirmed by spokesman Gil Duran.

President Obama Flirting Best looking Kamala Harris – Indian Connection

President Obama Flirting Best looking Kamala Harris – Indian Connection

Some are criticizing this statement saying that he should take care in making a sexist comment but there are equal number of people who thinks that there is nothing wrong with what he said. It is simply a flattering comment that anyone can make to another person.

Jumpdates sees an Indian connection could be the catalyst for these kind of remarks. Kalama Devi Harris is the daughter of an Indian parent who came here in the 1960’s. Present Obama has been a strong supporter to stop outsourcing to South Asian countries but on contrary promoting those Indo-American people. There is a list of such who got patted on the back such as Subra Suresh by nominating him president of a national science foundation and Brahma Chellaney who played a key role in getting the nuclear fuel deal. This is in light of 84% Indians in US voted for Obama.

In the past, there were pictures of Obama giving a rollover to lady but in the video shows the truth as he was just helping a lady. See for yourself here.. look at this video.

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Love or Business - Who invented Chocolate Day in Valentine’s week

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Valentine’s Day, chocolates and romance make the mind fuzzy with no logic behind it at all. All those who love somebody go through this emotion year after year on 14th February. The week from 7th Feb to 14th Feb is now celebrated as Valentine’s week with the third day falling on 9th Feb as chocolate valentine day.

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Scientists say that chocolate is better than being in love. What can be better than gifting chocolates to your love this chocolate Valentine day? Chocolates are the most romantic gifts in the world. They not only cheer up her mood but also release the ‘feel good hormone-endorphin’ which puts love exactly on the right track.

Love or Business - Who invented Chocolate Day in Valentine’s week

Love or Business - Who invented Chocolate Day in Valentine’s week

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Love and chocolates have major health benefits. Both are complex and give a sense of well being upon experiencing those taste/emotions that nothing else can replicate. Both love and chocolates help to alleviate the mood and increased sexual excitement. Women are more sensitive to chocolates and it works as a perfect mood enhancer for her, putting her in the mood for love. What better way to celebrate the third day of Valentine’s week? Of course not all women will madly fall in love, or become aroused after eating chocolates as that depends on individual chemistry too but most people do react in this manner. No wonder love and chocolates are so intricately entwined.

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Not only does chocolate taste and feel good in the mouth but it makes women feel loved and special. This special feeling that a woman experiences automatically reflects on the relationship she shares with you and makes it happier, fulfilling and complete.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
Charles M. Schulz

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If you could time travel back to the past?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

I recently watched a documentary by the famous physicist Stephen Hawking called ‘Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking’ which comes in 3 episodes. I was particularly intrigued by the 2nd episode on ‘Time Travel’. Here Stephen Hawking describes the feasibility of time travel and muses over traveling in the past in which he concludes would be impossible. The reason for this would be that paradoxes would prevent this from happening. For example, if you could go back in time and by chance, your interference caused your own death then how could you possibly exist in the future. This is a paradox. However, forget the theoretical aspects of time travel and ask yourself why people would want to travel back to the past.



It may be that some of us would want to go back in time and rectify the wrong doing or change something they regret doing. You have to examine people’s motives and reasons for going back in time. Many historians would love to see the past and corroborate their findings through history books to actual events. Paleontologists would love to find out what happened millions of years ago and how dinosaurs became extinct. Evolutionary theorists would love to know the beginnings of life and when the first seed of life actually sprouted on earth. Religious people would go even further back and look at when the hand of God created the universe. For whatever reasons, it becomes a much more personal matter when you want to go back to the timeline of your own existence. It may indicate a sense of unhappiness with your life and a desire to have taken a different direction. Personally, my interest for going back would be to simply observe but not change any events.

If you do dwell in forgotten events and regret having made the decisions you made, then it is possible that you are not giving yourself a chance for the future. The future holds a wonderment for change and looking forward to what lies ahead with all of our dreams and ambitions are key to our present well being. If we don’t dream of a future and take no action, we simply wallow in our dreams and can never hope to make progress. If we wallow too much from our past events, we embody a sense of fear and a reluctance towards change. No one knows what actually lies ahead but all of us can strive to be something or not. Look back into the past and see that the world has unfolded for you in a way that you could have never imagined. It is impossible to control the future just as it is impossible to have imagined a life of the past. Forget the past, put your best foot forward….always.

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The State of Free matchmaking sites in California - part 2

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

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To get a full appreciation of the online dating market, one needs to go to these venues to find out the many unique ways that this market is developing. No doubt, many will be talking about Facebook’s interest in entering this long established business. Last year’s topics were very much on the mobile arena and this year we can expect these discussions to continue. The most important aspect of this market will be the users behavior towards dating sites, their perceptions and how they use it. Ultimately, it all boils down to how the end users are going to make a choice about online dating sites as a means of fulfilling their own requirements.

In addition the seriousness of this business in coupling singles together for a long term vested interest, there is another bigger pie in this business world that has proven to be very lucrative. The business of adult dating has always been around since the day when online dating came into the mainstream. These sites that cater to the whimsical needs of singles who are driven by their own libido than anything else have always proved to be lucrative. Sites which border between what is considered morally good and just plain sex site such as AshleyMadison have also caught the eyes of many. Expect to see many of these services being offered through the smartphone apps.

2013 will be the year where California will be home to more innovative products and services offered in the online dating market. However, expect the market to be more volatile with more players coming and going and a few of the bigger players hitting an all time high.

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