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Commitment Phobia - Getting Viral in India

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Updated: 10th September, 2015

Commitment phobia in India has been a result of heavy social and cultural shifts in the minds of many young Indians living today. The boom in internet and increase in earning-power have played a crucial role in the mindsets of many young singles, both male and female. The primary one being that one has so much more freedom that making a decision has become harder and harder and the feeling is that the grass maybe green on the other side. Read more about it from the interesting article in TimesOfIndia and our article below.

Running away from commitment in a relationship is common in the USA and other western countries. Marry at late 30’s to ensure you know personally before tying the knot or at least test many before you meet the right person and make up your mind.

On the flip side India has been known for their strong social values, grand wedding and rituals. This has also been celebrated by many Hollywood celebrities to ensure they get the luck in the divorce capital of the USA.

Relationship phobia in India | Love life | Desi Romance

Relationship phobia in India | Love life | Desi Romance

However, this trend is changing in India young generation especially men from metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and from India silicon valley Bangalore (many other top cities) don’t want to take this responsibility in the early age - and especially not arranged by their parents.

Relationship, wedding ceremonies and romance have been the hallmark of Indian movies for the past 100 years. But, this is also taking a new turn, the latest release “Shuddh Desi Romance” (Pure Indian Romance) movie cleanly narrates new GEN Y love in India as how the trend has changed in the past 10 years from commitment focused generation to pro live-in relationship supporting India.

This has been a debate from time know as why this generation Y is running away from commitment and many social activists are putting their head in research and surveys.

Here are theories floating around for Commitment phobia in India Gen Y

1. More exposed and exchange of western culture as India being the market for many
companies and India is one of the cheapest manpower providers of many American
IT and ITES companies. This brings exposure from other parts of the world and their social structure.

2. Indian GEN Y is more independent and self dependent than some of the previous generations. Financial independence has changed how young India make daily decisions.

3. Critics are also saying that it is just in their mind as what they see outside India do not exist in India as they have a strong social bearing and no need for GEN Y to become afraid of commitment.

No matter what people are saying, the fact is that it is getting more and more evident and even the Apex court of law has also legalized the live-in relationship in India.

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Teen Love – Must Experience Crazy Things at College

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Updated: 15th September, 2015

Teen life, the most happening phase of your life where everything is new and excites your central nervous system. This is the age where you have less responsibility and have the license to do whatever you want.

Teen life brings all the physical and psychological changes that differentiates your gender and you tend to experience an attraction towards the opposite sex. This attraction results in teenage sex almost 50% of the time according to the report by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

Teen love - Crazy things at college

Teen love - Crazy things at college

Here are your top super crazy thing for college love

  • Confess your love, falling in love with your professor is common but, most do not find the courage to express it (friendly way) to the professor as it could bring much trouble to your world.
  • One night stand in his / her bedroom. Getting caught by her/ his dad makes it more exciting as the adrenaline keeps pushing you to the extreme.
  • Most singles in colleges feel shy while proposing to him/her, how about doing it whenever you are drunk. This is could ease your pain and giving you an escape door and if there is a denial from the other side, both of you can still be friends.
  • You can also think a bit creatively as doing a protest against your lover saying “You can’t love. All you need is some friends and signboard, don’t forget to give your friend the treat they deserve.

Teen life is full of craziness, add your ideas and experience of teen dating in the comment box below.

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Top 6 professions perfect to find single men - Part 2

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Top 6 professions perfect to find single men - Part 1

3) Airline crew- the airline industry is a gold mine to find the single guy. People start young in the airline industry and get financially settled at a much younger age. Traveling to various cities expands the mental horizons of the person. One is trained to handle situations but handling people is a skill that too at an altitude of 35,000 feet! If you are looking for a guy with an analytical temperament and lots of patience then this is the profession to find single men

4) Software Engineer- he doesn’t have to be a geek to be a good software engineer. With the world being governed by computers, this is one of the best paying professions in the world. Being a software engineer is a demanding job where the guy is so busy establishing his profession that he forgets to find a partner for himself. If you are the kinds who can understand his passion to create then here is the right guy for you. You need not be in the same profession though you may meet him at some party hosted by your company or through a common friend. This lot of software engineers is young, enthusiastic, dedicated to work and make good money too. Right choice for you beautiful ladies!

5) Lawyers- if he is a criminal lawyer then he has lot of work to do, running around to various cities and working at odd hours. There are more chances of him being single. If you are ready to support him in his high demanding work life where he will get work home too and will spend more time reading then with you, you can find a rich, successful guy who is a lawyer

6) Occupational Therapist- is one profession where you can find your perfect single man. His job demands him to be compassionate to his patients, charming, talkative and apply strategies to convince his patients why that particular therapy is beneficial for him/her. Being in this profession requires not only qualification but skills too. His job is not easy but highly rewarding that makes him a passionate and a complete man

Most of the professions are high-stress where the guy has to keep working hard to prove himself to be on the top. These professions leave very less time for him to find a date and spend time which makes it simple for the women to find the perfect single men in these professions.

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Top 6 professions perfect to find single men - Part 1

Monday, March 18th, 2013

There is no dearth of a single in any society as professionals are giving priority to their career and accepting a partner when they come across her. Multiple avenues have opened up for each one to pursue a career which is their passion too. It is easier to find single men who are into professions that require creativity, travel for work or adventurous.
These fields require people to devote more time to build their profession which makes it easier to find that Mr. Single here. Literally your search for him ends here. Listed here are six professions which may guide you in finding your soul mate. Basically these professions involve lot of interaction with other people and spending time talking to each other even if it is professional initially.

Top 6 professions perfect to find single men

Top 6 professions perfect to find single men

1) Advertising- creative ideas, sales targets and meeting deadlines make advertising a high pressure job in this cut-throat competitive market scenario. Guys working in advertising field are creative and their work adds a glamor quotient to their personality. A person who is in this profession can precisely understand the pitch deadlines that loom large and govern the very being. You can find the right guy where you both can understand each other and support each other during high stress moments

2) Public Relation Executive- public relation executives are the ‘face’ of the organization they work for. The PRO will always have a pleasant personality with good sense of humor and lots of patience and understanding. Dealing with so many people gives them insight into people’s psyche. Interacting with professionals of other organizations gives you an option to find a date or mate for yourself. One can choose PR for the hotel industry or hospital or any other organization. Keeps your eyes open and you never know where your heart gets exchanged

Top 6 professions perfect to find single men - Part 2

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Add Life to Your Dating with Technology

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Finding a date has become simple with free online dating websites. All one has to do is register (usually) for free and start browsing to find the date whose interests match yours. Technology is playing a very major role in the dating life of people across the world. Technology has shrunk the distances between the dating hearts and added a new dimension to life.

Add life to your dating with Technology

Add life to your dating with Technology

Online chats, emails and instant messengers on cell phones have made communication much quicker and easier. The text message prevents relationships as one gets time to think, type and re-read before sending the message. This technological conversation reduces the risk of instant reaction as it gives people time to think, analyze and finally put the emotions or thoughts into words.

No need to go to singles bar looking for a person to spend the evening or weekend with. It has become so simple with the hand held devices that give one the options to access either the social networking sites or the online dating sites with just a few finger tip touches on the gadget. With Google’s image search, one can find the person from the images and begin dating which adds spice to life.

Another exciting invention is the 3D camera. Wearing cyan glasses one can view the pictures in 3D. This innovation benefits those people who enjoy looking at photographs and reliving the moments in the third dimension. This can be a wonderful companion with your dating partner when you go for outdoor activities together.

Long distance relationship just underwent and improvement with ‘Kissinger’ or the kiss messenger from Lovotics which lets users send virtual interactive kisses to your sweetheart over the internet. Pucker up as long distance romance need not die!

Dating app for mobile phones is another way to add life to dating. Now cell phones and tablets have become the most common place to meet someone either regularly or for the first time. Social media networking sites like Face Book allow the accept friend to delve into the privacy of the other person and allows the person to be updated with all the conversation he/she has with friends. This gives an insight about the person as well as ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

Audio/Video options are provided by Apple’s face time, Skype, Tango and Viber to list a few which has given a new dimension to communication. One can easily hold a video chat almost for free. No matter where on earth you are, if you have internet connectivity then you make a video call to see the other person as well as speak to him/her.
Technology has made and continues to change not only in entertainment and networking but in dating life too.

Cool way to add spark to your dating

FinePix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera

3D Video photograph for your marriage

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