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Does Age Gap Affect Love Relationship?

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Love can be defined as a passionate affection for another person. It initiates a strong sexual and romantic attraction towards another, mostly towards the opposite sex.

A relationship of any couple composed of many things such as intellectual compatibility, friendship, understanding of emotions, sexual attraction, love, and more. But from all of these, love plays a role of glue that keeps s a relationship strong and bonded. Every human being falls in love at least once in his life. If still you are single, you can find your life partner through free online dating services in Utah.

When talking about true love, age is considered as just a number. Even difference in religion, color, region, language makes no difference if two people have a selfless love for each other.

The level of understanding between couples plays a major role in building a healthy relationship instead of age. Love, respect, and care are also considered as the pillar of a strong relationship.

If these three pillars are strong enough only then the relationship between the couple can withstand any storm. Many people find their partners who are 3-5 elder than them from absolutely free chat dating site in USA. And it is very normal to have a few years of elder life partner but too wide age gap can make the things unconventional. Romantic couples with large age gaps frequently cause a stir. It has been scientifically proven that partners with more than a ten years age gap face social disapproval. Mostly men and women prefer to date someone of their own age through Free Online Dating Service In California, but are open to 10-12 years their senior or junior.


The researchers suggested that the maximum age gap between the man and women must not be more than three years, with a man being older than a woman. It has also been seen that older men preferred to consider a relationship with women very younger than men but women cannot accept more than is 10 years younger guy in her life.

In many cultures, the age gap between the couple is considered a key factor of successful married life, especially in non-western countries. In Asian countries, an elder male partner is favored and mostly 3-5 years of age difference is preferred between the couples. In certain societies, more extensive age gaps of more than 15 years are also worthy.

In some cases, the man who wants to delay family planning will also prefer to marry a far young woman. If you are also thinking to do so then don’t feel shy to use free online dating service in Massachusetts to find a young female partner.

The big age differences allow children to be born late. But as discussed earlier that there are also many possible drawbacks of wide age gaps relationships. Some of them are the following :

1. There are very high chances of separation or divorce.

2. As described earlier the couple with large age differences faces social disapproval.

3. They also face problems while family planning, especially when they delay it.

4. The couple has a wide age difference that can lead to unsatisfactory sex life.

5. Priorities difference can be seen in such couples because persons of different ages have different priorities in life.

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Hooking Up by - Kathleen A Bogle

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Title Hooking Up

Author- Kathleen A Bogle

With changing times, the laws of society with regards to what is acceptable have also changed considerably. Earlier just a peep of the stocking was shocking but today anything can go and won’t be as shocking. Values have changed and the change can be definitely scary. Finding mates was monitored by the family and society which forbade intercourse until marriage and there was a limit to physical interaction too. Today what we see are many teenagers that have already lost their virginity by 18.



Dating was a norm for the lower class but it was a way to rebel for the upper class. They went on a date away from the watchful eyes of the girl’s mother. The mother usually decided if the guy was good for her daughter or not and only if he had a good futures could he could get married. All this changed as romance took place and sex was the topmost of the minds of most youngsters. Men were seeking sexual gratification while women were looking to get expensive gifts and money with attention splurged on them.

Earlier, the mother controlled who her daughter met; it changed to the peers deciding the power and degree of sexual intimacy. Dating in college has no boundaries as a lot of women too started going to the same colleges as the guys. Hooking up became more fun and frolicking rather than a romantic and intimate relationship.

Sleeping with the partner overnight is a choice of the individual and is perfectly acceptable without any undue attention. Some may choose to sleep over, some may prefer to go back home. Each person can decide the level of intimacy that is permitted by them. There are no set norms and each is free to decide depending on their own beliefs.

Developing a serious relationship is least probable from a hook up. Hook ups are just casual spending time together with no intention of a serious relationship. Of course some may develop into a serious one but most of them don’t.

The trend to marrying later in life is probably responsible for this hookup culture. With so much freedom of thought and action available today, men and women indulge in sexual interaction for the fun of it and not with any emotions involved. They are clear when they want to marry and what type of a partner they want. Hooking up is just a way of life amongst the students today.

Few students are not part of the hookup group as they may probably be in a relationship already or their religious beliefs do not allow them to enter into such intimate physical relationships. There can be no generalization on the hookup scenario.

The 1970s can be called the era of sexual revolution where women learned to embrace their sexuality. This bought a change in cultural behavior. Men and women both indulged in double standards as the confusion regarding sexual relationships kept changing.

It tells us the difference between dating and hooking up and where this trend has lead to the students of today. This book provides a fantastic insight into the thinking process of the college student’s generation.

What We Can Learn

Dating trends changed with the times. Dating that was monitored by the elders in the family got influenced by peers. Hooking up can be defined as spending time with someone and indulging in physical interaction without emotional content. Physical interaction could mean just kissing or even sexual intercourse. Racial minorities and very religious minded students have successfully kept away from the free thinking hooking up era.

Hooking up is a vague term and is used by students to define various sexual activities. It is a path to a romantic relationship with no guarantee of commitment. It is not necessary to know the person prior to hookup. You may meet that person that very evening and just decide to spend time together.

Know the difference between hookup and dating. Follow your mind to know the subtle difference and its consequences. What are the double standards when you fall into a physical relationship, understand them so that you are not hurt and you are more emotionally balanced.

Dr Dato’s Comments

Dating was a culture until the 1920s. The girl’s mother decided who her daughter could meet and identified the qualities of the potential guy whether he was suitable for marriage. The guy had to visit the family when invited by her mother and follow a set of protocols. With time this changed when the man and the women decided to meet outside the house. This was a rebellious behavior which gave the young men and women the power to decide their paths in life.

With this new found freedom, the norms of dating changed. This casual relationship with the opposite sex was generally called hook up. Hook up can cover the extremes like just going for a movie together or having sexual intercourse.

Women are more emotional and they search for a commitment in a relationship. Men are just fine with casual sexual relationships. Women when hooking up must keep the consequences in mind and understand the guy’s thinking. The guy is looking out for a casual physical relationship with no strings attached. If only the one night stand is acceptable to your mind, women should go ahead with this hook up or they are heading towards depression.

The hook up scenario is based on physical attraction only. After a few drinks at the college party, the men and women find each other more attractive. This physical attraction leads to spending time together and results in a physical intimacy instant sexual gratification.

Condition your mind that this is just a one night relationship and do not expect any commitment from either partner.

4 out of 5 points as this book explains well the whole concept of hookup that is followed at college campus around the world . A must read for all students and even those in a relationship to be able to identify the thinking process of college goers.

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How to be a Dating Champion - 100 Dating and Relationship Tips

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Title –100 dating and Relationship Tips

AuthorMarius Panzarella

There are plenty of women available if you are man enough to go looking for them. If you don’t approach women then your chances of getting them are nil. Approach women and half the battle is won. Also to women, please don’t make yourself easily available or the guy will lose interest in you very quickly.



Understand who you are, what you want and focus on the key areas of your life to draw women towards you. Tempt the woman to fall in love with you and don’t convince her to fall in love with you, let your actions do the talking.

Simple and easy tips given here will definitely help you to begin and sustain the relationship for a very long time. A complete and precise handbook with amazing tips is a sure shot winner for you to have a successful relationship when you find the right person to go on a date with.

There are tricks to keep in mind when dealing with a sexually aggressive woman by posing something challenging. This is a sure turn on for her and she will respect you all the more for that understanding.

Tips on good grooming and body language will go a long way in winning her heart. Read in between the lines and know when she is in love with you.

What We Can Learn

Recognize yourself and your needs and also increase your confidence and focus on your skills to be an achiever. This will attract women towards you. Let the woman of your dreams fall in love with you rather than you convince her that you are the right guy for her.

Eye contact is a must when you talk to her so let her move her eyes away before you do and this will give you the confidence to go ahead even if you have goofed up.

Don’t force yourself to be the Mr nice guy who does not offend women. Women hate such guys and get turned off easily. What they are looking out for is some spark in their relationship with a real man who has the ability to say ‘no’ when he wants to.

You can’t be a winner every time, if you are rejected by her take it as a learning lesson. Don’t be upset and lose your confidence, always analyze and you will know what kind of women are not your types rather you are not the types for those kind of women.

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to be perfect, it just doesn’t work in the real world. Learn the skills of communication and be cool to show you are cool. Learn how to handle situations where you are in an awkward position. Make her laugh as much as you can as wit really can be appealing to a woman.

Body language must be positive that conveys a lot to the potential partner. Be well groomed, clean and stylish. Kiss her well and she is yours. Don’t hurry in touching her or you may rub her the wrong way. Read her reaction and you will know whether to go ahead in this relationship or time to look for a different person.

Dr Dato’s Comments

With so many women available, a guy has to just look in the right place. Accept that men and women brains are wired differently. Women are attracted to guys who are achievers and have a body of confidence. Women fall in and out of love first then rationalize their emotions.

Most people build mental blocks where dating is concerned. Get over this mental block and open your mind to be receptive. Remember you cannot go back in time. Learn to avoid the same mistakes when flirting or during courtship. Don’t waste time in regretting but move ahead with renewed energy and a positive attitude and outlook.

Be well groomed, poised, relaxed, smile a lot and keep eye contact. All these work magic on a women’s psyche and compel her to be interested in you. Read books on body language and develop your body language accordingly to convey your sincerity and openness. Women need not be trained to analyze body language as they are simply blessed with this uncanny sense of understanding that is subtly conveyed.

You must understand her body language to rightly gauge if she is interested in you or not. Just her smile and flick of hair is not enough to show her interest in you. This book systematically describes how to recognize her interest in you and go ahead from a casual to a committed relationship.

Women love challenges and the aggressive woman will tease you and approach you. Instead of being uncomfortable simply challenge her and if she succeeds you are onto a winner. Understand the women mind and enjoy her companionship by making your relationship fun and interesting.

Communication skill has to be developed to build a rapport in any relationship. Find topics to keep communicating with the women and score brownie points for you.

Touch her in such a way that she does not feel cheap but beautiful. Step by step go ahead and let the relationship mature and bloom beautifully. Add humor to your conversation and that is the important building block of creating rapport with her.

Make sure you don’t fall in love with your best friend’s girlfriend as loyalty and trust are still important issues in this social world. Tell yourself repeatedly it is absolute no-no as the human mind can be gobbled up by guilt at any stage in life.
Human mind is very complicated and so apply the different techniques as per the situation to turn out a winning situation every time.

Also, keep in mind that not all women are for you, so if you find yourself working too hard with a woman you met, it is possible that she is not right for you.

4 on 5 for this handbook on dating and relationship tips. This book is excellent reading material for beginners as well as those who are already in a relationship. Follow the steps closely and you will find.

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Book Review Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate: 101 Style Tips for Men

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Title- Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate: 101 Style Tips for Men

Author - Kenneth J. Karpinski


This short and sweet handbook or call it a pocket reference guide for all guys who want to be successful in dating. The book talks about fifteen major mistakes men make and to avoid them so they don’t face failure while dating. Avoid these and you can win the date of your choice.

Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate

Mistakes Men Make That Women Hate

Hanging around at the bar and trying to hook up with every good looking woman is not always going to work . Be ready to be rejected as you have to have that something special to hold the attention of the lady.

Be confident, well groomed, know what to talk and the stuff that needs to be done when trying to date a woman. Observe the other guys who are a hit amongst women and learn their style.

Learn to start a conversation in a topic that she will also talk rather than you just lecturing or boasting about yourself and you achievements. Concise fifteen points are given with explanation on what not to do. Every guy can benefits from this book if he keeps these points in mind and follows the suggestions.

Remember no woman is interested in your boasting and your flamboyance on the first meet up. Nor is she looking out for a guy who is insecure and cannot take charge of the conversations. She does not want a date that has a pouch so guys, please hit the gym and get into shape if you want the woman of your choice.

After reading this book there are more chances of you guys becoming a success in dating.

What We Can Learn

Learn to be confident when you speak to her and to be a winner. Do something original to catch her attention and keep your wits around for her to be interested in you. Women hate it when the same lines are repeated like most men, she will simply shut off!

Learn to be polite and how to strike a conversation. Observe the other successful men and emulate their style, posture, poise and how they carry on a conversation with a woman.

Begin talking so that it becomes a conversation between the two of you. If you interest her, she will ask questions or just politely nod and maybe excuse herself and walk away. This means she is not interested in you, otherwise she will expect to meet you again and maybe next time give you her contact number or email.

Learn to be hygienic and well groomed. Trim your hair, have a clean car and a clean, organized home to come back to. Wear clothes that suit your personality and watch the other guys at the bar who draw the attention of women. Not the baggy clothed grays but bright colored clothed guys who smile and talk but are not rough or rowdy.

Dr Dato’s Comments
Women brains are programmed differently than men and women need more excitement and hate predictable guys or tacky conversations. They have this extra sense of knowing what the guy is going to say just buy analyzing his body language.

Build up your confidence but don’t be over confident or start boasting about yourself as that is the biggest turn-off for women. With a positive body language walk up to her and start a conversation gracefully. Gauge if she is interested in you or she is just being polite. If she is not interested, movie away gracefully.

Women love to contribute to the conversations; don’t begin by praising her and throwing compliments. She is not interested as she reads it as insecurity on your part. Strike a conversation so she can be part of it as she is just not interested in listening to your boasting or achievements.

To keep her interested in you, speak to her for two, three minutes and excuse yourself. This will trigger curiosity in the women brain and she will search for you at the next party or meeting. Don’t linger on too much with her because as a rule of thumb only one percent of the women are actually interested in dating.

You as a guy you must study books on body language to know if the woman is interested in you or if interested in going on a date. There are many tell-tale signs which usually hold well but sometimes they are deceptive too. In case you find all the signs such as flicking of the hair, leaning, bust out but it may still mean she is not interested in you. Be ready for accepting the rejection and move on.

Guys must give time once they approach a woman and not simply go after her and convey that they are interested in sleeping with her as soon as possible. Women like to be challenged and teased so use your conversation skill and remember to keep good eye contact.

All women get wooed by chivalry but do not go over-board by taking permission from her even when you need to use the rest room. This just conveys your insecurity and your neediness implying you are ready to give up all control to her on the very first meeting.

Also if you are married or into a committed relationship then discussing and taking her opinion is must. This improves your bonding and ultimately your relationship.

First impression is very impressionable on a woman’s mind. Be well groomed with proper clipped nails and hair. Carry yourself with confidence and poise. Be active so you are fit and don’t have that beer-belly that can be a real turn off.


Full marks scored by this amazing guide on the dating secrets for men. Men make the same mistakes again and again and unable to identify what is going wrong. This book helps them to precisely know which mistakes they are making and what is causing them to be rejected by women. A must read for all guys who want to find success in dating women.

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How to Succeed With Women - Inside Story by Ron & David

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

It is more common to hear that she likes me as a friend but nothing works out in the romantic sense. She just runs away from me and this frustrating situation drives men crazy. Get out of this situation when you follow the simple tips to win women who will literally be lusting for you.

Read full article

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