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Are Dating Websites Dead? - Part 2

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

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Dating websites are the centrepiece of any accessibility

What this means, is that you will always need a website to support the multiple ways that users will access your service. Mobile apps need to tap into the huge database of the website for both non and free dating websites.

Devices will increase in screen size

Smartphones are growing in screen size and is one of the reasons for the lackluster growth of Apple who have not taken advantage of this as well as Samsung. This means that screen size will be sufficient for many of these devices to access the dating website without any additional aid.

Devices are intelligent

Some people may not be aware of this, but smartphones are also smart enough (no pun intended) to apply automatic tweaking of the website to display them better on the small screen size. There are billions of websites out there and it makes sense for smartphone manufactures to work with their small browsers to render those websites better for its base of users.

So there you have it, although we are witnessing an astonishing growth in the types of devices that connect to websites of today, the truth is that websites will continue to grow based on this demand. With smart TVs now taking a footing in homes, the return of good old websites in full glory of a 50” TV will become more apparent.

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Are Dating Websites Dead? - Part 1

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

We have a growing band of users armed with their smartphones and even phablets (a cross between smartphone and tablets) that spend most of their time browsing the internet. Naturally the time spent on these devices take users away from what used to be the standard way of browsing ie. your humble desktop computer or laptop. This has been confirmed with the dent in the sales of desktops and laptops and companies like Dell are finding it increasingly difficult to stay profitable in the old market. The real winners are smartphone and tablet manufacturers such as Samsung. So how does this impact the way users browse and especially the long standing industry of the online dating world?

Are Dating Websites Dead - Part 1

Are Dating Websites Dead - Part 1

Online dating websites have been with us since the world wide web practically began. However, users behavior has been changing over the years and several free dating websites such as, and have reported significant growth in the number of users accessing their website through smartphones. There is a good percentage of users who will use the mobile applications provided by these sites and some will just browse to the internet website. This begs the question, are mobile apps the way to go?

There are highly paid economists and visionaries that are analyzing the phenomenal growth of mobile devices. It has already been predicted that there will be 1 billion shipment of smartphone devices by 2015 and hence the fervor for mobile applications. However, in business the underlying factor is naturally money and one needs to think carefully about that. The smartphone market is still in it’s infancy to generate cash unless you have a really addictive application or game that you just cannot put down. In the world of dating, the proliferation of free dating websites makes for mobile app developers in this market a challenge. The majority of the dating apps developed are always coupled with the originating dating website. In essence, the dating website will not go away anytime soon, but it continue to growth leveraging the new standards in html and browsers. Here are a few reasons for this continued growth…

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Free Dating Website - From a layman’s eye [Experts Never Asked]

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Whether you are 19 or 90, there is a time in life when you feel lonely and yearn for companionship. Being single on a working day is easy to handle as you are with colleagues at work or college. It is the weekends that force you into negative thoughts about yourself. Free dating websites are the best solution to find a companion for an evening or a lifetime.

Free dating websites sound simple and must be designed as simple for a layman to navigate. What appeals to a layman is the attractiveness of the landing page. Don’t clutter it, it should be easy to read and convey positive vibes. When looking for a companion, one is already going through some stage of depression so a smiling and welcoming face on the page relaxes the visitors mind.

“]Free Dating Website - From a layman’s eye [Experts Never Asked]

Most sites have a simple and easy registration process with asking just a few questions to begin surfing. Most websites give the option to give specific details later while a few do ask minor details while registering which a visitor feels can be intrusive to their privacy.

Navigation must be easy by making the titles easy to understand and pages must load fast to hold the visitors attention. Privacy and security of information must be given top priority and the website must instill this faith in its visitors so they register with a free mind.

A layman is interested in only finding a true companion with whom his or hers wavelength matches. KISS (keep it simple sir) is what the visitors are asking for.


Datehookup and Ease of Navigation - Free Dating Service Review - Part 3

Friday, January 18th, 2013

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The measure of any good dating site would be the results and effectively the number of dates that it can get you. These are qualitative figures and something that can only be done by users who have used all the free dating sites seriously such as Datehookup, Jumpdates, Plentyoffish and others. Although the numbers game is important to dating sites ie. the user base, it’s important to know that serious users are more picky about their dates. All the elements of a good dating profile, along with good photos, technical support of the website, and a pool of users that are attracted to the site for genuine reasons will play an important part in acquiring the right dates for you.

If you are on the lookout for a quick way to flirt and date, Datehookup would be the way to go, but who is to say that long-term relationships doesn’t start that way?

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Datehookup and Ease of Navigation - Free Dating Service Review - Part 2

Friday, January 18th, 2013

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The other features of Datehookup included the Mutual Match, this is very similar to the feature found in Mingle2. The idea behind this system is that you go through pictures that you like and label them as ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ or ‘Yes’. Each time you select an answer, you will be presented with another photo. If there is a mutual match, meaning that the other person also mutually matched you, then an email goes out to tell you this. This could be the ice-breaker needed to get favorable responses from other members on the site. It so happens that when you go to many of these dating sites that the messages you send to all those profiles that you liked, ends up in a black hole. The mutual match is a way to get you more results.

Navigation is an important feature of any dating site, let alone any website on the internet. It can mean the difference between a frustrated user or a user that moves through the site with relative ease without ever having to worry about navigation. Let me tell you, that when a user starts thinking about navigation on your website, then the website effectively has failed. What it should do is take the user seamlessly through the site without having to worry about all these silly little things. An analogy would be to drive a car and when you drive it and find yourself not paying attention to the things that can annoy you such as the ride quality, instrumentation access, ease of driving then you know you have a good car. The point is that all websites should take you through the steps that YOU want to go through and not be hampered by the technical hiccups of navigation, confusing visuals etc. Fortunately, Datehookup excels in this area.

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