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Gifts for him - advice to our feminine crowd

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Buying gifts for your man has it’s own set of problems ie. you can’t decide what would really please him, but there is more to just buying materialistic gifts, just be creative and I don’t mean the other way which you maybe thinking of!

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Surprises He Will Love

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Women love surprises and that’s a universal fact however, men also like surprises but this has to be told explicitly because it is not something women believe easily.

Your man also deserves surprises as much you do. Make him feel that it’s not about you every time and show him your love that he deserves.

How to make men happy by giving surprises

Surprises He Will Love

Surprises He Will Love

• Plan an evening out – Most of the time men take the initiative to plan an evening out and share a romantic dinner. But, this time you can plan an evening out and make sure he doesn’t have a clue. Get ready before he comes home and don’t forget to make the reservation in his favorite restaurant.

• Freedom on one day – Men always complains of not getting enough time for themselves once they decide to get into a relationship. Women on the flip side create their own world around their men and this situation is not good for a healthy relationship. Give him the time he needs to spend with his friends. Let him see his favorite football team score the winning goal with his friends.

Join the discussion on political topics – It’s natural to have a political view and differences of opinion but most of the women do not indulge in political discussions with their men. You would do it with your friends and colleagues but not with your own men. Talk to him on current political issues and give him a surprise and show that you are compatible with him in that department as well.

Take care of his pain area – When you are in love you know his pain areas. He can make Herculean job look easy but, at the same time he can’t even take care of his shoes or just don’t have time for that. See if you can manage try to get to fix his old pair of shoes that he loves to wear.

Outdoor Intimacy – You might not be doing it but, 38% couple had sex outside their bedroom. 33% couple admits that they had sex on the beach, a friend’s place or at their in-laws place [Survey]. Break the box is the new management mantra, try this with your man and your will love it too. Take the lead to add more excitement in the surprise.

Don’t forget to comment on this and tell us what you would do to surprise you man.

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Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

The word vacation brings lots of joy on your face as the excitement of exploring new places with your friend, family or love stimulates your mind. There are many dating sites that work on the theme of vacation dating.

Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Vacation Dating Violence - How to Avoid

Sites like Miss Travel offer this opportunity for ladies who want to be the arm candy of rich billionaire and want to see the world. There is nothing wrong in that but, when it comes to dating a complete stranger, one should stay vigil of the possibilities.

Here are the risks involved in vacation dating

1. Sexual Abuse– You are going to spend most of the time with each other as you do not know anybody else which is better as you get more time to become close. However, this can be exploited in other way and you also become a soft target. At the same time make sure you do not roam alone which also attracts local predators.

2. Financial Theft – Most of the time men bear most of the expenses but at the time you meet they can show off their wealth to attract you and later run away with all your valuables. With no money in a foreign land, you can quickly find yourself in a tight spot and all your dreams will have gone out the window.

3. Can cost your life - Yes, you got it right, in the recent incident that took place in India where a British girl was killed by her Dutch boyfriend when both were on vacation.

Knowing how to avoid vacation dating violence

• You must ensure that you do not travel with complete strangers. Make sure you know him properly or do a good background check from the local police authority.

• While traveling ensure you dress yourself according to the culture of that country especially African and south Asian countries.

• Do not carry valuables like expensive jewelry which makes you a target for thieves.

• Always keep phone numbers handy of local police and the embassy of your country to contact in case of emergency.

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Tips for Girls: 5 dating dilemma and solutions

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Finding a date is very exciting and fun but realizing a date is a leech can mean big trouble for the girl. Even though each person chats online with a prospective date and then goes dating, meeting the person face to face conveys a lot that is not comprehensible when chatting online. Girls need not get stressed if they face an awkward situation.

There are the most common dating dilemmas and tips on how to get out of them graciously

Tips for Girls: 5 dating dilemma and solutions

Tips for Girls: 5 dating dilemma and solutions

Scene 1: You are dressed in your very best outfit, a sexy mini skirt, dressy blouse with high heeled footwear. You manage to rip your skirt which becomes a big embarrassment for you. Simply wrap your scarf or sweater around your waist or feel free to borrow the jacket from your date.

Scene 2: If your date is getting loud after a round of drinks, you can tell him politely to speak a bit softly. If he still does not get your point, simply excuse yourself to go to the wash room, on the way tell the captain at the restaurant to tell your date that he is disturbing others and may be asked to leave.

Scene 3: You find your date cute and enjoying his company too though you are not ready for the kiss. If he does attempt to kiss you, pushing him away would be outright rude. You can hold his face affectionately and tell him it’s not the right time yet. If he understands you, it will mark the beginning of a long term relationship; if not then he is just interested in a casual relationship to pass his time.

Scene 4: If he calls you by the wrong name then it shows he is not interested in you as he is just physically with you but mentally elsewhere. Humorously tell him he missing his ex or what reminded him of his ex. His reply will tell you how genuine he is about your relationship. If you goof up his name, apologize immediately and tell him the conversation/incident reminded you of your cousin so you spilled out his name in the conversation.

Scene 5: If he walks out of the toilet with his fly undone, don’t stare at him to embarrass him. He is probably too excited to be spending time with you and forgot to zip up. Cell phones will come to your rescue as you can simply text him. This will save him the embarrassment and you the dilemma of the situation.

Make your dating more enjoyable by finding witty and diplomatic ways to get out of the situation. Remember both are always anxious no matter how much dating experience you have. Without embarrassing your date find a solution to graciously wiggle out of the situation every time.

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Exciting side of cougar dating

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Older women who show interest in dating younger men for physical intimacy are called ‘cougars’. This is a changing trend which is being widely accepted world-wide. A lot of Hollywood celebrities are the trend-setters. Cougars are classified into two categories, alpha and beta. The alpha cougars are sophisticated, intelligent and looking for sexual empowerment. The beta cougars are the ones who look for someone who can make them feel good about themselves.

Wine develops its flavor and identity upon maturing, the same is true with most women. Men find it more than exciting to date an alpha cougar. The newness of the relationship is exciting if both discover what they want before indulging in this relationship.

Exciting side of cougar dating

Exciting side of cougar dating

Do not focus on age lest it becomes a barrier. Live the moment and keep the mind open for new ideas to make the relationship fun. Age is all in the mind, a not so young, energetic, enthusiastic woman can be a great companion for a guy who maybe even two decades younger than her. Sophistication will keep the guy chasing you for more.

Feel free to express your emotions. Compliment him on his achievement which will make him feel good. Remember you are not his mother so don’t play mom. Being honest with each other builds a stronger foundation of the relationship which gives security to both and adds to the excitement of spending time together.

Being with an emotionally matured lady is very exciting for the younger guy in addition to her being financially secure as well. The well dressed, good looking woman who maintains herself with regular exercise is desirable for any man. This relaxes the brain and secretes the ‘feel good hormone’ for both.

Physical intimacy is an important aspect of cougar dating, going to classy restaurants to wine and dine works wonders for the relationship. Add excitement by trying stuff she has never done before which could be skydiving, moonlight walk or golfing. Have a few drinks together to kill the nervousness and enjoy some dancing together or go on a holiday to make it more exciting.

Dating for fun with no strings attached makes cougar dating most exciting and kind of sought after. With lot of online dating sites devoting a section to ‘cougar dating’ it is easy to find the younger guy you are looking for. Uncork the champagne, feed him his favorite dessert, wear the sexy outfit, and show him how much you appreciate him which makes the relations most exciting and wonderful.

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