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Choose Your Footwear Wisely on Your Date Night

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Women are very choosy when it comes to buying their footwear and even more passionate about wearing them. They are looking for perfection and given the chance they don’t mind buying an exclusive pair for every single outfit that they have in their wardrobes.

Choose Your Footwear Wisely on Your Date Night

Choose Your Footwear Wisely on Your Date Night

But, believe it also, that men like female footwear as they have more styles and elegance than men’s footwear which do have enough options but they may not like the price associated with those. It has been found that women spend more time in selecting an ideal pair of shoes for themselves rather than choosing a life partner.

Women’s footwear plays an important role as they get ready for a date, adding the perfect zing to their personality. Here are the Top THREE tips for you to select the right pair of footwear for the date night.

1. If your partner is shorter than you, wearing long heel footwear will create an unwanted imbalance in your looks as the two of you will look mismatched.

2. If you are someone who always matches the color of your outfit and shoes, it is a good way to surprise your partner and connect with something you have never tried before. This can certainly be a good topic of discussion with your partner.

3. You can also wear the same pair of shoes that you bought when either of you went shopping or the same pair gifted by him. This will also make him feel good and send a positive signal.

Comment on this post and tell Jumpdates about your ideas and top reasons why you would want to impress your dating partner with nice pair of shoes.

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No Space for Money in Your Love Life

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

We live in a male dominated society where there is a common belief that a husband’s job is to earn money and take care of financial needs of the family and the wife will take care of the home and raise children. But, nowadays we see that in many urban families both the husband and wife are working to meet the demand of their expensive lifestyles. This is fine until the husband earns more or equal to the family and household outgoings however, when the wife starts earning greater than husband this becomes a matter of concern and at times can be the reason of a relationship breaker.

No Space for Money in Your Love Life

No Space for Money in Your Love Life

So if you are an independent single women and looking for a potential partner then there are top THREE tips that you should not overlook:

1. Know what you want
The key to successful relationships is to know what you want from that relationship. Note down what are those 5 qualities you want in your future partner. One of them would definitely be, does equal or greater earning power of my partner matter to me? Or shall I be comfortable dating someone who makes less money than me but beautiful at heart?

2. Do not set unrealistic expectations
You can afford a luxurious car, a big apartment and even an exotic vacation with your friend and even shop from your favorite expensive branded store. If you think a guy who was not afford of all this will not make you happy can keep you single more than you want to. You need to see the individuality rather looking at the materialistic aspects of life.

3. Understand the level of maturity

Dating a woman who has greater career aspirations than a man in not wrong but, if you keep flaunting this it will make the man feel less worthy. If you do not to know the level of maturity of men you are dating, avoid going to too many expensive restaurants, buying expensive gifts rather let him pay for a weekend movie ticket or allow him to plan an outing and appreciate his efforts from the heart.

Comment of this article and tell us what you feel would make your man that special for you and maintaining a balance in the relationship.

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Top 3 truths Men should Avoid telling their Girlfriends

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

You would have read numerous articles on relationships that couples at any stage of their relationship should not hide from their partner in order to increase the trust bond between them. However, there are plenty of men who also feel that revealing too much of the truths at the initial stage of thee relationship would actually spoil their relationship going forward.

Top 3 truths Men should Avoid telling their Girlfriends

Top 3 truths Men should Avoid telling their Girlfriends

Here are the top 3 truths men should avoid initially –

1. Never tell your current girlfriend about your ex-girlfriend and the previous relationship details with her initially. However if she asks explicitly then you can answer it with short yes or no. Explaining the entire story is not recommended.

2. Some girls have issues that their boyfriends spend more time with their male friends rather than with her. This create a lot of problems for boys as they like hanging out with their friends just like girls do and you cannot change this lifestyle overnight. Make sure that men keep their two lives separate in the initial stage of the relationship.

3. Don’t say “I Love You”, certainly not very often. Girls like to hear “I love you” more often but, too much of “I love you” makes your girlfriend think that you are not saying it from the heart which could be a big setback.

Jumpdates does not encourage men hiding anything from their girlfriends but our intention is to provide relationship tips which makes for a better and stronger relationship in the long-term.

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Think of Online Dating Sites as a Friend to Get Amazing Results

Monday, May 28th, 2012

The definition of a friend is someone who knows you very well and with whom you share a bond of mutual understanding and affection exclusive of sexual and family relationship. The word friendship can also be defined as a strong bond between two people regardless of gender. This is the subject of study that comes under sociology.

Think of Online Dating Sites as a Friend to Get Amazing Results

Think of Online Dating Sites as a Friend to Get Amazing Results

However, the definition of friend and friendship is getting redefined by social networking giant (as of now) Facebook as they have invented the concept of friend to friend when it comes to creating the social group between friends. Friend is someone who increases your happy moments and cuts down on your sorrows.

Similarly singles looking for a date, romantic partner or a soul mate in online dating sites should create a bond with these sites as friends, keep in touch with these online dating sites as much as you do with your friend. The more time you spend with your friend the more you come to know each other and understand the best time to reach out to your friend and to spend quality time together. This applies to online dating sites as well where you need to keep in touch with those sites and spend quality time finding the match for yourself and even try to get help and advice from the dating blog very similar to a real-life friend.

Comment on this article and tell us what you consider would be other areas you can relate your friend to online dating sites.

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Uninhibited Generation Redefining the Sexual Orientation – They’re Pansexual

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

The uninhibited generation is taking sexual attraction beyond gender-specific boundaries and redefining words in life such as ‘normal’ and ‘natural’. It does not matter if you are gay or straight. Providing you are good and bad in bed defines who you are and even celebrities are not untouched by this.

Uninhibited Generation Redefining the Sexual Orientation – They’re Pansexual

Uninhibited Generation Redefining the Sexual Orientation – They’re Pansexual

Pansexuality has different meanings to different groups but, one which is very common is attraction toward other people regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. “Pan” is a Greek word meaning “all”. This is often misunderstood by people and termed as a gay relationship which is again not entirely wrong.

There are times when celebrities also found promoting or I should say showing off their pansexual behavior. You remember the 2012 famous song by Alejandro from lady Gaga where she was in the bed with a gay man. How can you forget the French kiss between Madonna and Britney at the 20th annual MTV awards in September 2003? The star from Sex and The City Kim Cattrall said that I am “try sexual” and I will try anything.

The coming generation will definitely have their own way of defining their sexual orientation and keeping this in mind dating sites and matchmaking sites also need to be step ahead and need to add this sexual orientation in their online profile pages.

Comment on this article and let us know what you think about pansexual orientation.

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