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Avoid a Con Man Lover in Your Dating Life

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Someone who makes a living by swindling people that is the dictionary definition of “Con Man”. The con man has an unusual psyche as they create an emotional bond and then break it for money. But, there are con men who have a habit or feeling of entertainment in breaking the trust of their dating partner.

Avoid a Con Man Lover in Your Dating Life

Avoid a Con Man Lover in Your Dating Life

There are many con men around you who want to connect with you and cheat you emotionally. But, the question is how can you identify that someone with whom you are dating is a genuine person or a con man.

Here are the top FOUR tips for you to identify him as player at early stage of your dating

No Attention
- You guys are sitting at exotic places for a dinner and he seems to be lost in himself or in his phone and you are the one doing all the talking.

Social Network – It’s very common these days people have profiles on social networking sites like Facebook and to get updates what is happening in the life of their friends. So find it very unusual that he says he is not on the social networking or with almost no friends or family members. This is because he does not want any trails left behind after his breakup.

Excuses with every morning
- Both of you has planned something and found that he just dumped the idea to come with you or has something very important on a Sunday morning.

Mr. Invisible – You both go shopping and you realize that he is not around then suddenly he appears from nowhere and he says he was in the washroom but next minute he is away when you are in the changing room. You feel something strange going on but, he denies anything of that sort.

Tell us what you feel about this article and how do you would identify the con man in your life.

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Geeks from India are Flirting on Online Dating Sites

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Not long before, Jumpdates predicted the rising market of online dating in Asia, especially in India. This is what makes our prediction stronger. Geeks are also human and has emotions which is why the college passed out from one of India’s premier technology institute IIT Kharagpur has started a free dating site.

Geeks from India are Flirting on Free Dating Sites

Geeks from India are Flirting on Free Dating Sites

IIT Kharagpur is one of the top technology institutes in India. Young graduates who pass through these colleges can be easily been seen working for IT giants in California which has been termed as a brain drain by critics. Now the scenario is changing in terms of both i.e. fly away for jobs in the US and redefining the old belief to keep in pace with tomorrow.

Concept wise is not new as there are plenty of campus dating sites in US, but what’s unique is that it does not restrict only students from IIT to login but it is open to the general public. This is certainly to create a bigger pool of singles.

This website is in the alpha stage right now as they may be testing it before the actual launch. This is certainly a good beginning for these young entrepreneurs but, it will be no cake walk for them as there is already some competition in this hot market from local sites like and other foreign sites like

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Top 5 summer dating ideas for single that really work

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Puzzled by the question as where to spend quality time with your dating partner and looking for good places to date this summer? You are at the right place. Bright and sunny days of the summer inviting you to come out and spend quality time with your dating partner.

Top 5 summer dating ideas for single that really work

Top 5 summer dating ideas for single that really work

Here are top FIVE summer dating ideas starting from number five:–

5. Go on a long drive – Going on a long drive in the summer evening is an evergreen dating idea. Get your car out of the garage and go on a countryside long drive and enjoy nature together and spice it up with some romantic magic in the air.

4. Summer Picnic – Summer evening are best times to enjoy the outdoor nature and the best way to enjoy it is to go on a picnic with you dating partner. If you guys like playing games then make sure you carry a frisbee.

3. On your Bicycle – Ridding a bicycle is a great activity for your health and certainly for you dating life. Spend some quality time on a couple of miles bicycle ride and can also take a stroll while returning which can give you extra time if you don’t want to finish too early.

2. Amusement Parks – Both of you have fun loving nature and looking for doses of adventure then a trip to an amusement park is perfect for you guys. Pick a day when the park is less crowded so that you can enjoy many rides as often as you want.

1. Enjoy your Gadgets – You like to play video games but, sitting on a couch is not what you are looking for then the gaming console like Microsoft Kinect gives you the liberty to enjoy game for real and with their gesture recognition you can play games as if you were really playing in the field.

Comment on this article and let tell what are your top summer dating ideas are and what summer dating activities you like to do.

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Perfect Couples in Public are Not so Perfect in Private

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

We often see people pick out a couple in parties or in social events and talk about them as being a perfect couple. They keep talking about their style sense, body language and how much the couple complements each other. They look as though they were made for each other from the front but this is not the case behind the doors.

Perfect Couples in Public are Not so Perfect in Private

Perfect Couples in Public are Not so Perfect in Private

Couples that are not compatible emotionally, sexually or whatever the reasons try to ensure that this does not go out in public as they don’t want a public show of their private life. However, this drama does not last long because it puts to much emotional pressure on the couple and even change their way of thinking and the meaning of their existence and whether true love really exists.

These couple should first find the root cause of why they became compatible to incompatible as clear communication has the potential to solve many problems. There is no harm in taking the help of dating or relationship coaches and couples often talk to their friends about this that also might help them get unbiased opinions. These is no reason they cannot become compatible again as they were at the beginning when they first got married.

Comment of this article tell us your views on these type of couples and what makes them go from compatibility to incompatibility.

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Single Females Want to Date Alpha Males

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

The term alpha male grab the attention of every female and why is that? This question is tricky as it is related to psychology of females which by itself is very complex. The attention grabber, the link of the pack and leader of the team and the aggressor, these are few words that describe the alpha male somewhat.

Single Females Want to Date Alpha Males

Single Females Want to Date Alpha Males

Females by default like men that are ambitious, successful, confident, sociable, have a sense of humor, and generally happy. Bundle all of these qualities that makes the man a semi-alpha male, don’t be surprised as these qualities can be hidden inner and does not present itself upon first glance.

Men should also show the masculine properties to attract females to be a good alpha male candidate. Traits like positive body language, good dress sense and well built body that makes females notice at the first look. The combination of both of inner and outgoing showcasing traits can make them an alpha male and make them an instant hit with females.

Comment on this article and share your views on alpha males and what makes them appealing with females.

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