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Tips for Girls: 5 dating dilemma and solutions

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Finding a date is very exciting and fun but realizing a date is a leech can mean big trouble for the girl. Even though each person chats online with a prospective date and then goes dating, meeting the person face to face conveys a lot that is not comprehensible when chatting online. Girls need not get stressed if they face an awkward situation.

There are the most common dating dilemmas and tips on how to get out of them graciously

Tips for Girls: 5 dating dilemma and solutions

Tips for Girls: 5 dating dilemma and solutions

Scene 1: You are dressed in your very best outfit, a sexy mini skirt, dressy blouse with high heeled footwear. You manage to rip your skirt which becomes a big embarrassment for you. Simply wrap your scarf or sweater around your waist or feel free to borrow the jacket from your date.

Scene 2: If your date is getting loud after a round of drinks, you can tell him politely to speak a bit softly. If he still does not get your point, simply excuse yourself to go to the wash room, on the way tell the captain at the restaurant to tell your date that he is disturbing others and may be asked to leave.

Scene 3: You find your date cute and enjoying his company too though you are not ready for the kiss. If he does attempt to kiss you, pushing him away would be outright rude. You can hold his face affectionately and tell him it’s not the right time yet. If he understands you, it will mark the beginning of a long term relationship; if not then he is just interested in a casual relationship to pass his time.

Scene 4: If he calls you by the wrong name then it shows he is not interested in you as he is just physically with you but mentally elsewhere. Humorously tell him he missing his ex or what reminded him of his ex. His reply will tell you how genuine he is about your relationship. If you goof up his name, apologize immediately and tell him the conversation/incident reminded you of your cousin so you spilled out his name in the conversation.

Scene 5: If he walks out of the toilet with his fly undone, don’t stare at him to embarrass him. He is probably too excited to be spending time with you and forgot to zip up. Cell phones will come to your rescue as you can simply text him. This will save him the embarrassment and you the dilemma of the situation.

Make your dating more enjoyable by finding witty and diplomatic ways to get out of the situation. Remember both are always anxious no matter how much dating experience you have. Without embarrassing your date find a solution to graciously wiggle out of the situation every time.

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Online Kissing Getting More Physical with a Device

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

It’s not that long when we discovered phone kissing and sex started attracting singles world wide as the Yahoo sex chat room was not enticing singles any more and there goes the Popularity of Yahoo chat which was nothing but a pool of sex chat rooms in its last few days before it’s sad demise.

Online Kissing Getting More Physical with a Device

Online Kissing Getting More Physical with a Device

The evolution of internet and the world becoming a smaller and smaller place with the Smartphone which we showed in how to add life to dating. The apps providing video chat and sharing screens on real time basis the Skype sex was getting popular and there as advice on how to have Skype sex.

But, now that seems to be getting older as the students from Tokyo University have developed a device which allows people to French kiss over internet. This device work on electronic signals and has a straw like wet head which gives a feeling of a French kiss.

If this becomes a practical hit then there would be no surprises to see this market flooded with cyber sex toys and with all the stretches of imagination applied. Are we on the verge of inventing the word cygasm? (Cyber+Orgasm).

Check out the YouTube video of Kissing Device

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Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet - part 2

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet

Hard to get: be hard to get but not impossible. This is a balance which you will have to find out. Don’t be available every time she says she wants to meet you nor act too pricey lest she loses interest in you.

Concentrate on a Task: is a big turn on for women and she will surely be attracted to you. Discussing about your work, business trend on a world platform will catch her interest rather than your daily office talk. This intelligent discussion will improve her knowledge and you will be rated as an attractive, intelligent and dedicated guy who understands and enjoys his work.

Be excited about life: expressing your excitement about life is highly attractive. Express your excitement and happiness with emoticons that are available on the web chat windows.

Posture: if you are video chatting, keep your posture right so convey your positive attitude towards life. No woman wants to waste her time with a dull, boring guy.

Be genuinely interested: when you are chatting with her, be genuinely interested in what she tells you or discusses with you. Pay attention so you don’t ask her the same things again. Your interest in her will convey your care and she will get closer to you.

Honesty: honesty is truly the best policy. Be genuine. Be honest. Speaking the truth tells her that you have accepted the way you are which she finds very attractive.

Original: be original in your talks and chats. Women love men who are original as it creates a sense of excitement which will keep them attracted to you.

Match the wavelength: to keep her attracted to you, match your wavelengths. It may happen naturally but if it doesn’t and you want her to be attracted to you simply pay attention to what she says and conveys. Match her interest and energy level to find her swooning over you.

Follow these internet dating tips to be labeled as the women magnet of the century!

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Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Attracting a woman online is different from earlier times. Effective internet dating advice for the cyber guys to attract her is here. Historically women were attracted to men with big muscles and hairy chests which they would pass on to their off-springs. Our world today is the World Wide Web where each person finds a date or mate through the numerous online dating sites. Whether the dating website is free or paid, each registered user can view the profiles and pictures of the other person. Narrowing down on who attracts you as per your matching interest it becomes very necessary to hold the interest of that women to become your potential date. Here are few internet dating advice for men to become a women magnet. Women are mysterious creations. Understanding the woman psychology partly and doing the right stuff will make you a women charmer in today’s world of internet dating. Remember you will be chatting with her online even before you meet her. It is just your words and action on the cam that will attract her or repel her as she cannot know the body language or your physical aspects that distinctly.

Top internet dating advice - how to be women magnet

Top internet dating advice - how to be women magnet

Be Funny: women simply flip for guys who can make her laugh. It should not be vulgar humor or criticism of somebody but general wit. Your sense of humor which tickles her funny bone will convey to her that you are smart and intelligent. This is a major reason for a woman to be attracted to you.

Smile and Eyes: if you are on Skype or any video chat platform, your smile should be such that your lips twinkle and eyes smile! Yes women get floored by clear eyes and nice smile. The eyes are a conduit to the heart!

Picture: your profile picture should be in a background that conveys a lot about your personality. If you are an outdoor person, let your smile compete with the sunny outdoor. Don’t put a picture of yourself in your scuba suit just because you enjoy scuba diving! Mind you, all look the same wearing the scuba suit. Be distinct, be different. Women hate vulgarity so put a picture that accentuates your assets. If you have lovely eyes show them off or if your smile is gorgeous then flaunt it.

Mushy Talk: don’t get mushy when chatting with her. Women hate men who crib and grumble. Talk about stuff that is fun, funny, exciting and eventful rather than what is bothering you on a daily basis. Nobody is really interested. Women don’t like mama’s boy but a real man to talk and discuss.

Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet - part 2

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Gifting Ideas for All - part 2

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Gifting Ideas for All - part 1

Serious Relationship:

If you are in a serious relationship with your date who has become a lover by now, one need not wait for an occasion to give her/him a gift. Gifts that are practical convey the seriousness of your relationship. Convey your romantic feeling with gifts given on any day when your heart desires.

Jewelry engraved with the name is the most romantic gift for the woman. Gals you can gift a can opener or a bar set to the guy to convey your romantic feeling for him. A weekend together at a nearby getaway will add spice to the relationship. If your date is a foodie, gift a food tour in your region and see him/her swoon over you.

Sexy lingerie is the best gift to convey the fun time you both have together if you are in a physical relationship else it will convey your interest begin a sexual relationship as well.

Take her to the live band restaurant she loves and ask the singer to sing her favorite song with her name inserted in the song lyrics. Gals you can arrange a party only for the two of you for you guy with a juggler bartender to serve you great cocktails if he enjoys cocktails.

Friends with benefit:

If this is your relationship status then you need not exchange gifts at all. This relationship is based on mutual sexual satisfaction with no commitment at all. There is no question of expressing your emotions and no threat of heart break. You can be best buddies to have lots of fun together with the focus on ‘no strings attached’ with no possibility of anything more. Don’t shift the focus by giving a gift and confusing this relationship.

An appropriate gift conveys to the partner how much time has gone into selecting the right gift to make the date feel special. Be creative while choosing a gift depending on the stage of the relationship and what you want to convey. A wrong gift may end the relationship while the right gift may win the heart over which probably may end your search for a soul mate.

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