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Quick Sex Can Bag Gold Medal for Olympians 2012

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Olympic is one of the biggest carnival in the world and a platform for athletes all around the globe. These athletes practice for 4 long years to earn the Olympic medals where fraction on seconds or 1 point separate potential gold winners in the points table.



There are lots of stories in the air for the Olympic village. One is that it turns out to be the fantasy land as late night parties begins after the competition. There is food, beer and unknowingly plenty of sex happening in this venue. This is strongly backed up by the sources that reveal that there are 120,000 condoms that are ordered by the organizing committee compared to the 20,000 in the Beijing 2008 games.

The recent study shows that being sexually active can certainly help you in your game. There are lots of misconception and differences about this as some athletes will want to be focused on their game but, there is a large contingent who want to stay active on both on and off the field.

The Colorado State University in their report shows that a quick round of sexual intimacy won’t affect your performance in the game but, athletes should avoid all night long action.

Olympic and sex has been a long historical story which is 100 years old from the first time it was organized in Athens in 1896. Comment on this article and tell us what you think about this gray side to this massive gaming carnival.

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Top 5 Places in L.A. for Dating Singles to Visit

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Los Angeles (L.A.) is the 2nd most vibrant and populous city in the USA after NY. It is one of the most ethnically diversified city and according to a recent analysis done by Jumpdates shows that L.A. is the top city amongst Jumpdates users as more and singles are coming from L.A. (report - a 12 year old veteran of the online dating industry shows strong growth in 2012)

Top 5 Places in L.A. for Dating Singles to Visit

Top 5 Places in L.A. for Dating Singles to Visit

Here are top FIVE places to visit for L.A. singles

1. Museum of Jurassic Technology – Don’t get confused, it has nothing to do with the hit movie Jurassic Park or the director Mr. Spielberg. As the name suggests it is a museum and is beautifully artistic as you wonder from science and sculptures that simply look stunning. This is one of the most attractive places in the city.

2. Get Cozy on the Beach – There are plenty of beaches in L.A. where you can enjoy beach volleyball or enjoy the sun, bathe or even plan a meal. The Pacific Ocean beach attracts singles and couples to spend quality time together.

3. Get Some Fresh Air – If both of you love nature then Descanso Gardens, L.A is a good place for you guys. The good thing about this venue is that it organizes quite a few musical concerts. Check out the time and availability before visiting.

4. Goes Back to Your Childhood – Surely you have loved your childhood and been given the option to relive it even if it is for one day. The Disneyland is the perfect place to enjoy an adventurous date.

5. Treat Your Taste Buds – Farmers Market was just a market place for farmers until 1934 but, now it has become the happening place especially for food lovers. You can certainly enjoy the different cuisines and also enjoy shopping.

Comment on this article and share your ideas for local places, tell us your favorite place to enjoy your date.

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Does Concept of Blind Date Exists

Friday, July 27th, 2012

The title of this article gives you an idea about what will be the point of discussion here. Social networking sites, search engine and free dating sites have actually ended the concept of blind dates.

Does Concept of Blind Date Exists

Does Concept of Blind Date Exists

Gone are those days when you call a dating agency and ask for a blind date. You try to visualize what your date is going to wear and how your date looks like. The entire concept was so much more exciting. But, not any more, now day’s online singles hookup to free dating sites or social networking sites to find their matches.

But, there are singles that still like to try blind date but as now more and more single are on social networking sites or free dating sites they try to search for them. Using their names and places on Google and guess what 90% time they are successful in pulling up pictures of their blind date to spoil the whole idea of a blind date. This has been the growing trend in singles and that is why we ask you – does the concept of blind date exists any more.

Connect with this article to tell us what you think about this and about blind dates in this era of free dating sites and social networking.

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Top 5 Signs Girls Love their Boyfriends to do When They are in Love

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

When girls are in love they want to hear all good things about them from their male partner that makes them happy and feel on top of the world. When you are both together your girlfriend would love to hear or like to see you making efforts praising the beauty or small little things that make her unique and different from the rest of the crowd.

Top 5 Signs Girls Love their Boyfriends to do When They are in Love

Top 5 Signs Girls Love their Boyfriends to do When They are in Love

Here are top 5 things girls would love their boyfriends do –

1. “You have wonderful lips” – Girls love their lips and so do boys, after all a smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips. No wonder you love to kiss them.

2. “Don’t forget to complement her stylish looks” – Girls are very particular about their looks and style. They spend most of the time in getting ready for their night out to impress their men.

3. “Enjoy the nightlife with their friends” – Girls want to make their friends jealous showing off their boyfriends and they do it with ease when your girlfriend asks you to come together when her friends are all going out. Don’t get surprised when she gets closer to you or wants to kiss you in front of her friends.

4. “She loves getting gifts especially surprises” – We all love gifts especially when it is surprises. Girls like to get gifts from their boyfriends and when it is something that adds style to her looks like designer dresses or expensive jewelry.

5. “Keep in touch with her” – Girls want their boyfriends to get in touch with them like what they do, where they are going and whom they are meeting. It sometime irritates boys as they don’t want tell everything about their personal daily affairs and can hurt their ego.

Comment on this article to tell what your girlfriends like you to do and how would go about impressing her.

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Top 5 Female Online Dating Profile Blunders Girls Should Avoid

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

When it comes to online dating profiles on free dating sites, girls are very particular about the details when they read the male profile. They look for the smallest of details and try to gauge the seriousness of the profile holder and what it says about the person. However, when boys look at female profiles they find a different set of mistakes which girls should be aware of.



Here are top FIVE mistakes girls make while creating the online dating profile.

1. “I love going out but don’t mind staying in” – Come on, what kind of line is this. Anyone would love to go out and make sure that you don’t diffuse this with the ‘staying in’ part. Keep the activities of what you like to do when you are staying in and put it into another category.

2. “I am like a famous character from the television series” – You are saying it because you want attention but you are not like that at all. If you must say something like this, say it from a third party point of view ie. ‘People say I have the nose and eyes of ’. Although, keep this short and bear in mind that you have to come across as having some humility.

3. “I have plenty to say but, don’t have anything to write right now” – This line is something many say and easy to spot and can say something about the personality of that person. It can show a sign of someone who struggles communicating which is an essential trait in a successful relationship.

4. “No Emotional Drama Please” – Generally this line comes from a male profile but some females do use it. It’s a clear indication that you are not prepared to take on the emotional ups and downs which any health relationship will have. However, this line generally means people who try to get things through emotional drama. In this case, say you want someone who is honest and to the point and not going to give the run around. This is perfectly reasonable statement to make. From a negative psychological viewpoint, the person making this statement may be the drama queen themselves.

5. “No Photoshop please” - Post a photo that shows some activity or background to make it real. A photo showing only your face is not enough you all have same make, right!

Comment on this article “especially men” to tell us your experience while visiting female profile.

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