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Relive the Horror: Pet Sematary

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Movie: Pet Sematary
Year: 1989
Genre: Horror
Director: Mary Lambert
Stars: Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby and Fred Gwynne

Snapshot of Story:
A family arrives at a small town to start a new life and discover that the area they live is haunted and tainted with old stories of nightmares of the dead coming back alive. One of many remakes of the famous novelist Stephen King’.

Dale Midkiff plays the doctor Louis Creed who arrive along with his wife and two young kids to a new house in a small town in the countryside. The neighbors are reluctant to talk about the cemetary that lies behind their house.

The family lives very close to a busy road that passes their house with no protection such as a fence and the result is that their own child gets runover by a passing truck. Previous to that the doctor found that their cat who met the same fate had returned when the cat was buried in the mysterious cemetary. The doctor feeling much pain assumed the same for his child and buried him in the cemetary. However, when the child returned he wreaked havoc in the house and goes on to kill his neigbour and his mother.

Further Notes:
Stephen King’s story plays well into the emotions of the family losing their own child and the unbearable agony of having lost their own baby child. Bringing back the child from the dead is almost an inevitable choice that the father makes from the pain of bereavement. The film stylishly ends with the mother also coming returning from the dead.

Although the film at its time was a good rendition of the macabre stories by Stephen King but unfortunately by today’s standard does not hit the mark. The film is let down by the not so great acting of Dale Midkiff and Denise Crosby, unfortunately the strong screen presence of Fred Gwynne could not do much to lift this film.


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The Others: Mystery - Thriller During World War Two

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Movie: The Others
Year: 2001
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Stars: Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston and Fionnula Flanagan

Snapshot of Story:
The story is about a mother with two young children who find their house haunted and is set in a mansion somewhere in England just after world war two.

Theme of Story:
Nicole Kidman plays Grace Stewart the mother of two children who live in a mansion with her husband who had abandoned them following the war. She gives a captivating performance and brings the entire movie to life. Her anguish with her current situation and her overbearing protectionism of the children are very well portrayed.

Grace brings in some house workers to look after the children and the house. One notable feature of the movie is where Grace insists that all doors behind them must be locked at all times and blinds drawn to prevent the children from being harmed by the outdoor light. Through the movie we see indications of bizarre happenings around the house including the nanny Mrs. Bertha Mils that keeps the viewers in suspense. The relationship between Grace and the nanny becomes more troublesome as Grace is not able to maintain the stable livelihood around the house. When Grace’s husband appears from nowhere we are left wandering what the whole situation was about and what it was in the past that caused them to separate. All this culminates in a very interesting twist at the end.

The movie has been very well made portraying a remote house in the middle of nowhere with an overcast weather that adds to it’s isolation. This gives the entire household more of a presence and a stage that allows the telling of this haunting story.


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    Action, Drama and Sci-Fiction Everything in Real Steel

    Monday, October 31st, 2011

    Movie: Real Steel
    Year: 2011
    Director: Shawn Levy
    Stars: Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly and Dakota Goyo

    Snapshot of Story:
    The story is set in the near future when traditional boxing is replaced by man-operated robots and centers around several characters including Hugh Jackman who plays Charlie Kenton who has a losing streak in making his mark in the robot boxing sport. The other two characters are Max Kenton who is Charlie’s enstranged son and his business partner and lover Bailey Tallet played by Evangeline Lilly.

    Theme of Story:
    Both Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo are simply excellent in their roles as father and son where much conflict arises at the start as they get to know more of each other more. Evangeline Lilly plays Bailey as Charlie Kentons confidant and lover but finds it hard to tame Charlie. Charlie is at first doubtful of his son’s (Max) ability in anything let alone to handle robotic fights but when both come across an old sparring robot in the salvage yard their lives take a turn. Through ensuing fights all the way to the big league the relationship between father and son is clearly developed. Charlie’s feelings for Max grows deeper and both form a strong bond.

    Happy Ending:

    Charlie and Max ultimately find their relationship tested towards the end when Charlie has to hand off Max to his foster parents. However, Charlie makes a sudden turn and goes back to reclai Max for the last ultimate fight much to Max’s delight.

    The movie is a delight to watch and will have a wider appeal as it touches on a sensitive topic of father and son and has many action scenes in the process. The final touch is deft but not entirely believable since I would have expected Max to have taken his own robot with him to his foster parents. Max plays the 11 year old son with great ease and poise and there are moments where his gestures and mannerisms are close to an adult that are very entertaining to watch. Look out in the future for this new kid on the Hollywood block!


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    Mr. Perfectionist Gives India’s Biggest Hit: 3 Idiots

    Monday, October 31st, 2011

    Movie: 3 Idiots
    Director: Rajkumar Hirani
    Time: 2009
    Stars: Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Karina Kapoor, Boman Irani

    Snapshot of the story

    The story is about three Engineering students Farhan (R. Madhavan), Raju (Sharman Joshi) and Rancho (Aamir Khan) who become friends and shares a room in the school hostel. Story is a roller coaster ride of these three friends’ and how their friendship is tested by time and how they overcome these tests. Story of 3 Idiots is inspired from the book by a well know novelist Chetan Bhagat. 3 Idiot highlight India’s materialistic education system that motivates students to run for grades to get good job in western countries rather than study for knowledge. It provides a good punch line “Study for knowledge and not for grades and excellence will follow you”. The movie has lots of humor and is the ranked as one the best comedy movies ever made.

    Theme of Story

    Movie starts with high drama as Farhan and Raju gets a call from Chatur (One of the college friend) about Rancho whom they have not met after the convocation day in college. Chatur is the one who forced Racho for a bet to see who will be successful 5 years down the line after graduation and to tell him that he would end up in a multi-million dollar contract from a scientist that has more than 500 patents; in short to tell him he is more successful. In this search they look across the beautiful valleys on Shimla and the story runs in flashback about their college life, tussle with college principle and how Rancho tries to challenge the current education system and rules of principle. In all this he always beat others who study only for grades. On the other hand both Raju and Farhan always ranked in last position, as Raju is always afraid of failure. Farhan desparately wanted to be a wild life photographer but was forced by his parents to be an engineer. Rancho used to keep telling them that they become what they liked rather than what others want them to be. In pursuit of Rancho in valley they met Pia who is getting married but still has feeling for Rancho. Pia decides not to marry and go in search for Rancho.

    Twist in the Tale

    Rancho and Pia (daughter of principle) falls in love during the college days but never share their feeling for each other and one day Rancho decides that he will go to the principle’s house that night to tell his feeling and in this he accompanies both his friends Raju and Farhan. All of them do all mischievous activities in the principles house and is spotted by the principle.
    The story takes the tragic turn as Raju attempt suicide when the principle asks him to become eye witness against their late night mischievous act in the house and to punish Rancho and expel Farhan. However this step afterwards is overruled.

    On Screen Chemistry

    Every character in 3 Idiots was played with superb acting. The first time appearance of Aamir Khan and Karina Kapoor in the lead pair was very much appreciated by fans and critics. The principle, Viru Sahastrabudhhe played by Boman Irani was truly out standing and any one could relate their college principle with him. Music is the life line of the Indian movies and 3 Idiots also score for its music by Shantanu Moitra and sung by Sonu Nigan, Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal.

    The Happy Ending

    The story take lots of turns before they finally meet Rancho who is the same scientist whom Chatur was looking to meet for multi million dollar deal and wins the bet of being more successful. Story ends on a happy note as Rancho and Pia ties the knot, Raju gets a job in a big company and also manages to help his family financially. Farhan was now a famous wild life photographer. Story gives a social message that “Study for knowledge and not for grades, excellence will follow you” and “Do what you like rather what others want you to do”.


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    Relax and Enjoy the Fast and Thrilling Experiance: Drive

    Monday, October 31st, 2011

    Drive is an excellent movie with much action to make any action movie goers very happy. However, it goes beyond this and shows the dark and sensitive side of an individual especially when it means protecting loved ones.

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