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Do you still think love needs a language?

Friday, September 28th, 2012

On my recent visit to India I decided to watch a movie, I have always been in love with Bollywood movies as they are inspired by true human emotions, love and romance. I checked the local listing and decided to watch a recent release “Barfi” – which is a name of some sweet.

Love can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone

Love can happen anytime, anywhere to anyone

Like all other Indian movies I was expecting it to be romantic as they were all famous for this. But, what I saw for the next two and half hour was completely unexpected and was very touching. What I saw was romance and love but not as glossy as other mainstream Bollywood movies. We can call it love at it’s purest of form. I could not understand a single word they we saying as it was in their language (Hindi). But, actually this was not a barrier.

Barfi is a simple love story of a mute and deaf guy named Barfi, played by Ranbir Kapoor and autistic girl Jhilmil (hope I spelled this right) played by Priyanka Chopra. It’s a story about their life, how they realize their love from staying apart and not saying a word about it each other.

As an autistic girl Jhilmil could not understand the state of mind she is going through and is love and on the other side Barfi knows what love is but could not speak it and more impotently cannot explain his true feelings to her.

But still both of them finally discover their love for one another through their eyes and actions. Barfi is a comedy drama and runs like this for two hours and 20 minutes but it hits you hard those who still think that you need to be physically attractive and compatible to have a happy love life. This leaves you thinking that do you really need the language to express your love. We are leaving those small opportunities in life to enjoy the pursuit of bigger fun and love actually lies in those small opportunities and you may miss it before you realize it.

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Sharing Relationship Details on Social Media … What’s Your Take?

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Social media has become the integral part of our daily lives and has changed the way people use it to interact with other people. Today what’s happening in your life becomes your status and a picture becomes viral amongst the social friends you share. It’s fast and at lightning speed and in this excitement we tend to forget our boundaries of what to share and how much considered too much?

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Smartphone Communication is a Relationship Killer?

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Telecommunication has certainly revolutionized the way people connect to each other by shortening the geographical location and it doesn’t matter where you live as you can still stay in touch with your loved ones.

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Why Polygamist Relationships are Creating a Hype?

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Yes, you read it correct, the recent example in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where a woman is asking the government to stay away from her polygamist relationship with her partner. You would think that everyone would say no when it comes to sharing a partner for an intimate relationship, especially women.

Why Polygamist Relationships are Creating a Hype

Why Polygamist Relationships are Creating a Hype

This polygamist relationship is between a couple and a female friend of the male partner. All three of them are happy with this relationship and don’t want others to interfere as it’s none of their business.

Jumpdates did a research on this and found that these polygamist relationships are not new on earth as Kings in India used to have more than one queen at a time. They all used to stay together, there were no such problems and polygamist relationships were practiced (few in numbers) before 1955 when Indian parliament made an amendment to the Hindu marriage.

This shows that polygamist relationships are not new and they go back in history and we maybe seeing a revival. Are we on the verge of developing a new relationship trend amongst young generation and referred to it as GenNext?

Comment on this article and tell us your views on this type of relationship or what you like to predict about the future of relationships.

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What Makes Your Babe Look Sexy

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Often you have heard men saying with lots the emotional content about the rift between partners and how they feel less attracted towards each other as they can never please their partner. But, there is another set of men who feel that too much of puppy love every time are also one of the factors that they feel less attracted towards their partner.

What Makes Your Babe Look Sexy

What Makes Your Babe Look Sexy

Quite strange is the fact about what makes your babe look sexy? The recent research has all the answers for this. There are two sets of couples one with no conflict and others with some degree of conflict were noticed and discussed in the study.

Men having conflict have accepted that when they fight they feel more attracted sexually towards their female partner as their female partner look more sexier to them when she shouts at him. On the other side men with no conflict situation does n’t seem to much attracted towards their female partner.

The female partners also shares the similar drive towards their men, few ladies also believe that after a stressful fight their sex drive work as a stress buster and they connect with more emotional zest.

As they say fighting is first indication of love and caring which is true here as you fight with whom you love. Love-fight –love seem to be the eco-system of every relationship and if you think deeply it happens with all the relationship on the earth.

Share your wonderful experiences with Jumpdates as to what you find your babe sexy and why?

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