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Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet - part 2

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet

Hard to get: be hard to get but not impossible. This is a balance which you will have to find out. Don’t be available every time she says she wants to meet you nor act too pricey lest she loses interest in you.

Concentrate on a Task: is a big turn on for women and she will surely be attracted to you. Discussing about your work, business trend on a world platform will catch her interest rather than your daily office talk. This intelligent discussion will improve her knowledge and you will be rated as an attractive, intelligent and dedicated guy who understands and enjoys his work.

Be excited about life: expressing your excitement about life is highly attractive. Express your excitement and happiness with emoticons that are available on the web chat windows.

Posture: if you are video chatting, keep your posture right so convey your positive attitude towards life. No woman wants to waste her time with a dull, boring guy.

Be genuinely interested: when you are chatting with her, be genuinely interested in what she tells you or discusses with you. Pay attention so you don’t ask her the same things again. Your interest in her will convey your care and she will get closer to you.

Honesty: honesty is truly the best policy. Be genuine. Be honest. Speaking the truth tells her that you have accepted the way you are which she finds very attractive.

Original: be original in your talks and chats. Women love men who are original as it creates a sense of excitement which will keep them attracted to you.

Match the wavelength: to keep her attracted to you, match your wavelengths. It may happen naturally but if it doesn’t and you want her to be attracted to you simply pay attention to what she says and conveys. Match her interest and energy level to find her swooning over you.

Follow these internet dating tips to be labeled as the women magnet of the century!

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Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Attracting a woman online is different from earlier times. Effective internet dating advice for the cyber guys to attract her is here. Historically women were attracted to men with big muscles and hairy chests which they would pass on to their off-springs. Our world today is the World Wide Web where each person finds a date or mate through the numerous online dating sites. Whether the dating website is free or paid, each registered user can view the profiles and pictures of the other person. Narrowing down on who attracts you as per your matching interest it becomes very necessary to hold the interest of that women to become your potential date. Here are few internet dating advice for men to become a women magnet. Women are mysterious creations. Understanding the woman psychology partly and doing the right stuff will make you a women charmer in today’s world of internet dating. Remember you will be chatting with her online even before you meet her. It is just your words and action on the cam that will attract her or repel her as she cannot know the body language or your physical aspects that distinctly.

Top internet dating advice - how to be women magnet

Top internet dating advice - how to be women magnet

Be Funny: women simply flip for guys who can make her laugh. It should not be vulgar humor or criticism of somebody but general wit. Your sense of humor which tickles her funny bone will convey to her that you are smart and intelligent. This is a major reason for a woman to be attracted to you.

Smile and Eyes: if you are on Skype or any video chat platform, your smile should be such that your lips twinkle and eyes smile! Yes women get floored by clear eyes and nice smile. The eyes are a conduit to the heart!

Picture: your profile picture should be in a background that conveys a lot about your personality. If you are an outdoor person, let your smile compete with the sunny outdoor. Don’t put a picture of yourself in your scuba suit just because you enjoy scuba diving! Mind you, all look the same wearing the scuba suit. Be distinct, be different. Women hate vulgarity so put a picture that accentuates your assets. If you have lovely eyes show them off or if your smile is gorgeous then flaunt it.

Mushy Talk: don’t get mushy when chatting with her. Women hate men who crib and grumble. Talk about stuff that is fun, funny, exciting and eventful rather than what is bothering you on a daily basis. Nobody is really interested. Women don’t like mama’s boy but a real man to talk and discuss.

Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet - part 2

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7 signs of aging commitment in women - Part 2

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

7 signs of aging commitment in women - Part 1

4. Outfit: in spite of her communicating to you that she is not interested in you and you choose to be fooling yourself that it must be her bad mood and hormones, here is another not to miss sign. Observe the way she dresses. When she knows you will be around, she will make sure she wears what you dislike and that too every time! Get the hint guys, she is trying to drive you away wearing the color you told her you hate

5. Ignore: she will ignore you no matter how hard you try to grab her attention. Your jokes will not even get a smile on her face and she will intentionally speak to somebody else when you are talking. Maintain your dignity guys and don’t wait for her to insult you by laughing or talking with this guy you always hated

6. Kept as an option: she does not readily communicate with you but keeps you as a stand by option. She may not have time for you but when she needs some help then she turns to you with all her charm.

7. Sleep: she sleeps around with other people too while sleeping with you too. She will tell you that she loves you but is not in love with you that shows only her sexual interest in you.

Open your eyes guys to save yourself the torture of indignation. Learn to read these tell-tale signs that clearly convey aging in her commitment towards you.

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7 signs of aging commitment in women

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Being in love and falling out of it is very common these days. Any relationship is a two way street to build a stronger and loving bond. A breakup may be the result of many causes. Women will usually not be rude or blunt to announce the end of a relationship as they don’t intend to hurt their partner. Guys are wired to understand only the spoken word which makes it difficult for them to understand the subtle signs or hints that are expressed by the woman as a sign of aging commitment. Guys read between the lines and spare yourself the hurt of not only the heart-break but the realization that you could be so stupid as to not understand the signs. Here are top seven signs that each man must know to keep his dignity in a sinking relationship.

7 signs of aging commitment in women

7 signs of aging commitment in women

1. Let us just be friends: is the clearest way in which a woman can tell a man that she is not interested in him. Her disinterest in him maybe due to any reason, his boasting, possessiveness or sheer boredom with the companion. Maybe at some stage in the relationship there was a spark that could have evolved into love and a long term relationship. When she starts avoiding talking anything that is intimate and insists that you both should just be friends, guys back off immediately.

2. Does not reply: she does not reply to your text messages like she did instantly. If at all she replies it’s after days that too with an apology that was busy with some work or the other. Men, you must understand that you are no more her priority and she is not interested in you. There will be no comments on your FB posts either or any reply to your email. In all probability she blocked you and you will never know this fact.

3. Meet at a social gathering: she will avoid meeting you in private anyways. If you both do happen to be at the same social event, she will make sure she is with some other guy to mellow down the impact of your confrontation

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Myths and Facts about Women unfolded on International Women’s Day 2013

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Women are different but not strange. It is not that difficult to understand them. It is just that the women brain is wired differently than the male brain. This has been scientifically proven and major research is still going on across the world to understand and decipher the brain.

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