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Looking for the Best Free Dating Sites – It Starts with the Personality

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

There is no denying that online singles looking for the best free dating sites will start with a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. However, they may also have heard from their other single counterparts of dating websites that they have joined and recommended. Keep in mind that all of us singles have very different requirements to the rest of us and we need to keep that in mind when choosing the dating website that will work for u. In addition, the way we use the site and what frequency is also a bearing of our own personality and this is also key to successful online dating.
Let me breakdown some interesting singles profiles that are usually on the hunt to find their match through other online dating websites and free dating sites.

Looking for the Best Free Dating Sites – It Starts with the Personality

Looking for the Best Free Dating Sites – It Starts with the Personality

Single No. 1 – The Predator

This online single user operates on the internet in usually the same manner that they do if they were in a bar or a singles club. The character is more prevalent in males but women can have this too. When they are on Facebook and see a photo or a profile that takes their fancy, they are quick to act. It may lead them to another dating site, in which case, they will join instantly, hunt for the woman or man in question or look for others that take their fancy.

Single No. 2 – The Observer

This dating single is on the lookout and many people are not always aware of their motives as they don’t make it obvious. They will cover their tracks so as not to offend anyone but will still try to get the work done in their own strategic way. They measure the options very carefully and select dating websites including free dating sites which they feel are most suitable to them. Unlike the predator above, they take their time. Of course, like everyone else they may not find what they are looking for and he/she will more likely be disappointed with failures than others.

Single No. 3 – The Heartbreaker

One can mistake this online profile with the Predator but there are subtle nuances. This dating single moves with their emotions and usually judges everything by the way they feel. They are carefully observant of the other websites and rely completely on the ethereal and ‘feel-good-factor’ of the dating site to make decisions. They are the most likely be disappointed in affairs of the heart, but cannot always understand why.

Which Dating Single do you belong to?

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Free Internet Dating Sites Turns Innovator for Their Names

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Free internet dating sites are on the rise and the numbers of sites catering to online singles are touching a new high. One might think that with the ever increasing number of sites, the challenge is to attract so many unique online singles that create unique profiles and avoid being stereotypical.

Free Internet Dating Sites Turns Innovator for Their Names

Free Internet Dating Sites Turns Innovator for Their Names

This is the most obvious challenge facing free internet dating sites but the bigger challenge is to get the unique names of dating sites. being a part of this industry from the past 12 years has spotted a few trends of existing free internet dating websites to pick up their names. Here are a few examples…” this looks like an approach where common lingo is being used to create the name of the site. “” is another example from a similar crop. Websites like “” means “commitment” to create their brand and do it with some grace. However, there are many players like “BeHappy2Day”, “TheUglyBugBall” and “UShomenow” are innovative in their approach to choose the free internet dating sites names.

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Top Free Dating Sites of 2011…Can They Still Deliver in 2012

Monday, February 27th, 2012 started the successful series of reviewing top free dating sites of 2011 in January of last year. After one year when we look back we realize that we did hundred’s of reviews comprising of free dating sites, paid dating sites and niche dating sites, not only from USA but from around the world.

Every free dating sites review posted on was an unbiased one as we have thoroughly tested and adopted the dating website standard for the top free dating sites. We saw how the worlds biggest free dating sites “PlentyOfFish” which had a much needed facelift was simple and yet attracts millions of online singles and how the niche dating sites “” being a music driven dating website matches online singles who shared the same taste for music. There are top free dating sites of 2011 that connect niche online singles like the physically challenged, HIV positive single and much more. We saw many of these come on the market last year, but many also failed to pull the required audience. This could be partly due to the intense competition to attract online singles and the dominating positions of the top dating websites.

The online dating game is an ever changing canvas and this trend will continue at an even faster rate in 2012. With 1 in 5 couples now routinely finding love through online, there is much room for expansion. The question arises for those top free dating sites of 2011 reviewed by Jumpdates that showed promise in 2011 can still deliver to the online singles in 2012. The ingredients are simple, just provide a platform for more matches, more relationships, more dates and ideally more marriages.

Review of Free Mobile Dating App Datehookup

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Free Dating Sites – A brief study in search

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I was conducting some Google keyword analysis recently and came across what online singles usually type into the search engines when it comes to looking for love online. Apart from the usual brand names that users are familiar with such as match and eharmony, many of our lonely singles are actually searching for free dating sites. It is not surprising when you look at the top searches that they are conducting daily usually point to free online dating websites but with a difference. Most as can be seen in table 1 are looking for the very best dating sites that also happen to be free.

tabular formate of holy grail of free dating sites

Google Analytics - tabular format of holy grail of free dating sites

If you look through the list, you will also notice that most users would also go as far as to type ‘absolutely’, ‘top’, ‘free messaging’ etc. into their search for free dating sites. The fact that users are adding these additional descriptors only explains the importance of what they are looking for. The fact that they also rely on Google to return the correct types of dating websites that they are looking for explains their trust and belief in the Google search engine. Fortunately for many, Google does indeed present all these lonely singles with the best search engine results possible.

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Young Singles, College Dating…Come Out from the Comfort Zone

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Have you ever got sweaty palms? Or butterfly in you stomach while asking for date to your college friend. I am sure many of you would answer is affirmative. Hang out in group is completely different ball game when you plan for a date where only two of you will be together. This would very much an intimidating situation if you haven’t been in such situation. But, hang on you are not dating stranger. You guys are friends and share common interest and that can give you ample opportunity to calm your nerves.

Young Singles, College Dating…Come Out from the Comfort Zone

Young Singles, College Dating…Come Out from the Comfort Zone

Here Are Your Top 3 Do’s to Come out Of Friend Zone Before Asking for Date

1. Wait for Boiling Point: Timing is very important in any relationship specially asking for date. If both you have always around with your friends and never been hanging out alone then this could be awkward situation. Here s tips to get this going

• Talking about people, friends and their stories would be good icebreaker for both of you. Talk about opposite sex and try to gain from jealousy factor, but don’t over do it as you might spoil the show.

• Teasing game is a real fun and can set the right mood for you. You are getting strong signals and both you keep having eye contact, but wait don’t just jump in to it right away. Here is twist try to avoid group hangout and disappear for couple of days from group. This will create a curiosity and you can become a part of his/her loneliness even when you are not around.

• Find a calm space when you hangout with your friends where both of you are alone even though crowded by friends. This is right time to ask for date, that’s fine if you don’t decide the date the time.

Read Dr.Dato advice Why Flirting is Important?

2. Schedule a date: Carry on from where both of you left and schedule a date, but don’t much brainstorm. Keep is simple plan a casual date.

3. On the big Day: Obviously you don’t want to spoil the show after doing all the heard work and amount of time you sent for this day. Be yourself, you are going to date you friend and nothing has changed. You both are still the same only the place is different. Don’t be nervous, be calm relax. Don’t try to win the heart in the first meeting by presenting something that you don’t. There are plenty of thing to talk be don’t plan every thing and be expressive and spontaneous.

Many young single shy away from asking friend for a date reason because they are afraid of loosing a friend. But, that is not the best way to do, you can go on date and find that she don’t want to be your girlfriend and even you realize that she is not the one you are looking for, so what you can still be friends.

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