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How new born revive your love life and relationship

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Call her the princess or the king of your universe. This bundle of joy changes the perception of the couple the moment he/she is delivered into this world like a little rat with all mucus and slime around. The feeling of elation and the emotion at that moment is to be experienced as no words can express that. The world comes to a standstill, the brain goes numb and the heart pounds out of the rib cage, literally. This emotion, feeling, state of mind can be compared to falling of love or being proposed but 1000 times over!

Expectant parents spend months together preparing for the baby’s arrival. The happiness cannot be contained on either of the parent’s faces when they come to know that they are going to become three people from two. The couple starts caring much more for each other and plans what they can give best to the child. The life starts revolving around the new guest who will be an integral part of their very being.

How new born revive your love life and relationship

How new born revive your love life and relationship

After nine months of waiting, the arrival of the new born enriches the life and the couple experiences a new kind of love that is not thought to be possible. Finding the right person has become easier through the online dating sites. Dating regular builds the relationship and understanding. Romance brings both of you together and the baby is a true sign of your love. The elated parents can’t keep their eyes off each other and wish that parents got another set of eyes to keep on their new baby too!

Beware all is not as rosy as the child requires more attention and keeps you awake at night. This may become stressful for both parents and may be a bone of contention. Keep in mind that is your spouse/partner and your child so don’t let this teething trouble ruin the beautiful relationship. Don’t let the routine, less spontaneous lifestyle affect your relationship. Focus on the closeness and bonding that this new born has revived thereby adding more meaning to your relationship.

With so many emotions acting together, the relationship gets renewed and revived. Babies are small, fragile, and helpless but they have such a powerful impact that the couple gets transformed into parents. The baby brings the couple together, even more closely and changes the nature of friendship and understanding too.

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Exciting side of cougar dating

Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Older women who show interest in dating younger men for physical intimacy are called ‘cougars’. This is a changing trend which is being widely accepted world-wide. A lot of Hollywood celebrities are the trend-setters. Cougars are classified into two categories, alpha and beta. The alpha cougars are sophisticated, intelligent and looking for sexual empowerment. The beta cougars are the ones who look for someone who can make them feel good about themselves.

Wine develops its flavor and identity upon maturing, the same is true with most women. Men find it more than exciting to date an alpha cougar. The newness of the relationship is exciting if both discover what they want before indulging in this relationship.

Exciting side of cougar dating

Exciting side of cougar dating

Do not focus on age lest it becomes a barrier. Live the moment and keep the mind open for new ideas to make the relationship fun. Age is all in the mind, a not so young, energetic, enthusiastic woman can be a great companion for a guy who maybe even two decades younger than her. Sophistication will keep the guy chasing you for more.

Feel free to express your emotions. Compliment him on his achievement which will make him feel good. Remember you are not his mother so don’t play mom. Being honest with each other builds a stronger foundation of the relationship which gives security to both and adds to the excitement of spending time together.

Being with an emotionally matured lady is very exciting for the younger guy in addition to her being financially secure as well. The well dressed, good looking woman who maintains herself with regular exercise is desirable for any man. This relaxes the brain and secretes the ‘feel good hormone’ for both.

Physical intimacy is an important aspect of cougar dating, going to classy restaurants to wine and dine works wonders for the relationship. Add excitement by trying stuff she has never done before which could be skydiving, moonlight walk or golfing. Have a few drinks together to kill the nervousness and enjoy some dancing together or go on a holiday to make it more exciting.

Dating for fun with no strings attached makes cougar dating most exciting and kind of sought after. With lot of online dating sites devoting a section to ‘cougar dating’ it is easy to find the younger guy you are looking for. Uncork the champagne, feed him his favorite dessert, wear the sexy outfit, and show him how much you appreciate him which makes the relations most exciting and wonderful.

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Australian Nightlife for Singles

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Australia -the land down under is loaded with night life thunder. Be it bars, strip clubs, casinos or eating place. The nation that works hard and parties harder is Australia. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, night life can be most exciting here for singles as well as for couples.

Australian Night Life for Singles

Australian Night Life for Singles

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The drinking age in Australia is 18 year so most of the youngsters can add to the fun of night life with a consumption of reasonable amount of drinks. The drink and drive laws are very strict so make sure you don’t drive after you drink.

Casinos are a hot favorite in Australia. No matter which city you are in, casinos are a fun place to go try your luck. Gambling being legal in Australia, you need to be 18 years (carry your identity card) to enter the casino. The casinos are well maintained with amazing decor, excellent varieties of drinks and nibblers which add to the fun of gambling. Most casinos have slot machines, roulette, black jack, baccarat, big 6, poker and lot of other games where the wager varies from a dollar to fifty dollars or even higher. Word of advice is to play cautiously and set your limit of money that you will contribute to the casinos economy.

Strip clubs are another favorite of the visitors or residents when in Australia. For a very low entry fees each one can enjoy the time at the various strip clubs across the country. The strip clubs are specialized to cater to the men and women thereby making it an interesting experience.

The bars and pubs serve different alcoholic drinks and beverages. Most popular here are the beers on tap and the jugglery that the bartender has mastered. The live bands or recorded music that plays at these pubs/bars makes the place more alive.
Another exciting option that Australia offers is Party Buses. One can book a party bus or a limousine and have a party on the move. No need to go club hopping when you can just enjoy the night with friends right in the bus and move around the city or even go out of town.

Australia is a country that offers the best night life in the world since it is one of the safest countries in the world. Go party till dawn on a weekend and be rejuvenated by Sunday ready for Monday!

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Romantic Myths of Teen Dating

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Romantic novels and mushy movies starring the young suave stars compels the teenagers to believe that dating and love is what life is all about. Look into the eyes, falling in love and be committed to live happily ever after.

Romantic Myths of Teen Dating

Romantic Myths of Teen Dating

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Teenagers undergo hormonal changes that affect their moods. They may go into depression, become moody and loners too. Meeting a person and wanting to spend time with him/her is a natural instinct. The physical attractiveness is the basis of building a relationship. Teens are influenced by romantic novels, images, movies which attract them to the good looking, well dressed person. They start re-living some fantasy of love at first sight. It’s just attraction due to the hormonal changes.

Possessiveness is another myth that teenagers are accused of. When one is going through a transitional phase and period of loneliness the person who gives you comfort is the best person in your life. The hormonal changes create the emotion of jealousy and this may lead to teenage violence.

Teenagers believe that this relationship is the most valued and serious relationship in their life. Parents must encourage group dating and communicate more with the teenagers to keep them out of trouble. Don’t be too harsh but simply discipline them by explaining why certain acts are forbidden.

Mr. Right will come along and sweep you off your feet never happens. Love conquers all (race, caste, religion) is never true as grown up couples are known to break up over a brand of toothpaste. Your love cannot change the weirdo. He/she is no diamond that will get polished with your love but will remain a weirdo only.

Maybe sitting by the phone and waiting for your date to call may have changed but the myths of teenage romance continue till date.

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Dating - uncomfortable zones of men

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Men may put up a façade of being confident and ‘couldn’t’ care less’ attitude most of the times towards women. Men are human beings too with a rationale mind. There are a lot of situations and actions that make men most comfortable especially when dating.

Men are as apprehensive about dating as women. It’s just that most women share their anxiety with their friends but men don’t. When you have found the right guy to go on a date, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the date fun and exciting when you make sure you are not making him uncomfortable.

Dating - uncomfortable zones of men

Dating - uncomfortable zones of men

A poker face makes guys most uncomfortable. When a guy cannot read what is going on in the dates mind, he is just too uncomfortable. He may probably lose interest in you. Keep constant eye contact with your guy and don’t stone wall. Express yourself not only with words but with gestures and facial expressions too for him to find you more attractive.

The pitch of the voice is another zone that makes men uncomfortable when on a date. Shrieking voice irritates the wiring of the brain and the guy would prefer to leave rather than sit there. Yes, each one can modulate the voice so that it does not attract attention from other people who are around you.

Discussing interest in porn or nudity is the most uncomfortable zone for men. They are not sure how to react if women discuss porn on their initial few meetings. When the dating has evolved into a closer relationship then it is ok to discuss nudity or porn.

Let the relationship evolve before you ask the guy about commitment and marriage. Men think on a physical plane while women think on an intimate plane. These two plains literally form skew lines and the guy is caught off-guard when women suddenly discuss marriage and commitment making him uncomfortable. Too much bonding also makes men uncomfortable.

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