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Office Spouse Now in Our Social Genetics - part 2

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Office Spouse Now in Our Social Genetics - part 1

The greatest advantage of both spouses being office spouses is that they will have more disposable income. This is important in today’s world when the cost of living has skyrocketed. With disposable income, a couple can buy the home they always wanted to buy, it can take its children to be best schools, it can afford the best possible medical care, and it can afford its dream car and other luxuries of life, among other benefits. This has the effect of making the couple happier. Should one of the spouses get sick or die, the other one will not have a hard time being the sole bread winner.

When both spouses work, each spouse is able to buy things that the other spouse may not consider to be important. As an example, a woman whose man is not willing to spend more than $500 each months on her clothes can use her own money to buy such clothes. This leads to a more fulfilling life.

Women has proven themselves to be better than man when it comes to handling money. Take for example the famous Nobel prize winner Mohammed Yunus who introduced micro-loans where it was found that women used the loans to great effect. They were far more likely to use the loans for the betterment of the family as well as pay-back the loans much more so than their male counterparts.

Women have excelled at the workplace over the past 100 years or so. They excel in engineering, in medicine, in the military, and in other roles that were the preserve of the men. Women are willing to work twice as hard as their male counterparts to prove that they are worthy. Society should continue supporting women in the workplace because whereas a man may use the money he has to get another wife or a girlfriend, to drink, and for similar wasteful purposes, women are more likely to use their money for the benefit of the whole family.

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Office Spouse Now in Our Social Genetics

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Most human civilizations were, and still are patriarchal. This is indeed the case even in the animal kingdom. Over the years, men have shied away from allowing women to work for different reasons, among them to ensure they remain submissive and obedient and to ensure they take care of the house and kids. Some men discourage their wives from working because of their egos – they want to be their families’ sole providers. Some believe women are neither physically nor mentally capable of excelling at the workplace.

The fact, however, is that more and more women today are working. So much so that office spouse is now in our social genetics. There are several reasons why all spouses should encourage their significant others to be office spouses.

Office Spouse Now in Our Social Genetics

Office Spouse Now in Our Social Genetics

There have been assertions that working women are more likely to divorce their men. This is actually not true. According to a report by the Center for American Progress, there were 23 divorces for every 1,000 couples towards the end of the 70s, which dropped to fewer than 17 in 2009. Women’s financial independence has no bearing on the divorce rate. The more educated and economically independent a woman is, the more she is likely to stay in her marriage.

Economists and sociologists assert that financially independent women are more selective when choosing who to marrying and that they have greater negotiating power in the marriage. This leads to marriages that are more equitable and fair. This is a win-win situation for the couple. The more people that both spouses meet, the more likely they are to get valuable ideas that will help the family. An equal partnership will attract mutual respect and a more fulfilling life.

When a woman stays at home, there is a risk that she will be stigmatized as being brainless. Men should not expose their wives to the stigma. Stay-at-home mothers have fewer opportunities to make friends and they do not have freedom. Human beings are social creatures who need to interact with their own to feel whole. Freedom, when denied, leads to rebellion and it could lead to such things as infidelity.

Office Spouse Now in Our Social Genetics - part 2

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Four tips on dating in an Office Political Environment

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

A while ago we covered the subject of office dating in an office environment and about the dos and donts.

However, there are some hidden office politics in place that one needs to understand and be aware of. This will help you to continue your office romance without having any disruptions to your job. Here are four tips to consider:

Four tips on dating in an Office Political Environment

Four tips on dating in an Office Political Environment

(1) First find out where office romance stands in the political shelf of the company.
This will vary from one place to another, in some cases it will be relaxed whereas other places it will be very strict. It may border on sexual harassment if other colleagues report it to HR.

(2) Be discreet but genuine
Do not fret too much over a romance you are having with someone as long as it is permitted. Be genuine and don’t feel that need to cover every track. Sometimes, it doesn’t take that much for other colleagues to know the signals are all there.

(3) Absolutely no sex in the office

This may seem like a trivial piece of advice but many have made this mistake and have regretted it.

(4) Do not let the romance interfere with your work
This also may seem obvious, but the point is that you may get up in very emotional feelings that you don’t have any control over. This can indirectly impact your work and bring a negative rap with your other colleagues.

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Things to Avoid in Office Romances and how to keep it secret

Friday, August 31st, 2012

In our previous articles we discussed about how office romance certainly works but if you don’t take the necessary step to keep it a secret in the early stage you and your dating partner can face unwanted situations.



Here are top FIVE ways to keep your office romance a secret:

1. Don’t choose to do overtime on the same day or if you cannot avoid it ensure that it does not happen often as it send a strong signal to your other co-workers that something is going on between you two.

2. Only communicate using office phones for official use and not for personal as you don’t know a cross connect could leak through which you don’t want to be public.

3. This is especially for guys, don’t feel jealous when your female dating partner spends some time with other guys. In public and professional life it is normal. Don’t show signs that make people think that you are both seeing each other.

4. If you are a manager and dating your colleague then don’t give him/her the care or importance that he/she does not deserve. This way you send strong signals that you unfairly favor him/her which opens up questions.

If both of you are into each other and decide to get married then don’t keep it a secret from your friends. Throw a party and announce in public as this sends the strong message that both of you are in love and there is nothing official about this relationship.

Comment on this and tell us what you could tolerate with your office dating coworker and how you would handle this delicate situation.

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