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Activity Rating – What is it all about?

Introduction to Activity Rating
Jumpdates has implemented what we think is unique in the online dating service with its Activity Meter. Each member of Jumpdates has a unique activity rating according to the users ‘activity’ level within the site. You can view your rating by simply logging into your account and on your members home page you will see two green bars as shown below.

jumpdates members activity score

jumpdates members activity score

In the above example, the members’ activity rating is 10% as compared to the average rating of the entire members group which is 40%. This blog will help you understand how activity rating is important to you and how you can improve this rating.

What is the benefit to me?
The whole premise of the activity meter is to encourage more people to be active on the Jumpdates website. There are several benefits to you as a member if you increase your activity rating over the average activity rating of the Jumpdates membership group as a whole.

1. Your profile will appear on top of search results depending on how active your profile is, this leads to more people communicating with you.

How do I improve my activity score?
Improving your activity rating will help you to get top placements on the search result page of Jumpdates and your profile will automatically get more hits!
The activity score is calculated on several factors which are taken into account. The score is essentially dependent on how you use the different parts of the site and how often you use them. Here is a list of items that we take into consideration in working out the activity score for each member.

  • Profile completion
  • No. of images uploaded
  • Messages sent & frequency
  • No. of times logged in
  • No. of times a search was conducted
  • No. of saved searches
  • Total essay word count
  • Count of the profiles viewed
  • No. of IM sessions
  • Time spent on IM & frequency
  • No. of blog comments made

Here are tips on improving your activity rating without too much effort.

  • Complete your profile as much as possible, make sure all the edit profile sections are complete and you have uploaded at least 1 photo of yourself. We have a separate profile rating just for this section.
  • Log-in at least 2 times a week and go through new profiles and message the ones you like. You will be surprised how quickly your activity rating goes up.

We hope this section helps you appreciate the activity score and you now have more armaments to help with your search for that ideal partner. Remember one of life’s lessons, you need to act to make things happen, don’t be reactive be proactive!

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