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Dating in India - A current perspective - part 3

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In India, it is more than the physical attributes of the partners that youngsters have to worry about, they need to consider the caste, religion and the long-term consequences of the partnership.

Arranged marriages, as practiced in India, mean that the choice of partner has already been made by the couple’s parents, and although some parents allow dating after a decision has been reached, it has a very different emphasis.

Dating by itself, a concept almost entirely imported from the West, is considered ‘totally normal’ and ‘absolutely necessary’, even by those youngsters who come from conservative families as long as it’s not casual!

The Internet is filled with Indian dating websites designed to specifically help Indians meet other like-minded Indians with companionship in mind.

When you think about it, this practice is not so different from meeting with a traditional Indian match maker to search for potential life partners.

Both partners go through a screening process, not unlike that used for arranged marriages.

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