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Free Dating Sites Review –

Having done a number of reviews of free dating sites,  I found another site which seemed to have a good set of dating features,

Connecting singles at first sight looks to be overcrowded with many options and features on the home page. This sit is a 100% free dating site.
This site has too many things gong on the home page and quite honestly I was a little bit lost and confused where to go and how things fell together.

Look and Feel

Home page of the website is very basic crowded as mentioned earlier and it is categorized with different sections eg. top menus, videos, blogs, free-e-card and many more.

Features offered include reading blog, searching profile, reading forum, playing online games all available without login. But if you want to post a comment or want to contact that profile you need to register.

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11 Responses to “Free Dating Sites Review –”

  1. incognito says:

    I use daily, Although it looks like a nice website with lots of features and interactions,When you go to use the forums you are under attack by trolls who have been regulars in the forums for years and not even single or have any desire to date, Searches turn up several people but none of the users profiles are even active, I find using this website has been a waste of time for me having been insulted and profanities used towards me about daily I am closing my account and paying for services of a reputable website, is not worth the free admission

  2. Boban says:

    Connecting Singles is not a place to find a possible mate, Connectingsingles is a place to watch profanity,degradation, obscene behavior, on a daily basis,Forums are filled with fake profiles and trolls who run the website any reports made in any attempt to make reference to the rules go unnoticed by the moderators of the website. Most are not looking for mates but in their own words they are addicted to the forums and plainly will not leave making it impossible to use the website effectively to find a mate,Reports about the forum trolls will get your profile and membership revoked, The following names have no set rules and run the website, demonfairy,Boban,FreddyFudpucker,jvaski,Conrad73 a few of the names, reading posters in the forums profiles will show real quick who the fakes are also reading their forum post history, Most are Trolls only in the forums to make offensive, rude and harassing comments, Most of the towns,states and countries are not even close to where they live
    Ron_de_Jeremy for example does not live in Arabia but actually in Ohio
    FreddyFudpucker does not live in Kissmyass or Obamaville Indiana but is actually a fake profile of jvaski who lives in California The Moderators of the website do nothing to stop the breaking of the rules but promote it by not enforcing the rules for these few people which sadly they get revenues from by covering up the sick and pathetic posts of the forum trolls, i would never recommend this website to anyone

  3. Mikygr says:

    Read Boban’s very moderate comments and just keep your fingers off this site, because it’s much worse.
    It’s nothing else than a money making site, governed by an offensive ZIONIST propaganda “PENTAPACK” and some Satellites. It starts with “Conrad73″ and ends with “Wow factor”. They use fake video’s and most primitive Zionist’s propaganda libraries to brainwash you. And if you don’t obey, they just kick you out after having insulting you in a most incredible way, because they are the ones moderating this site. And your rapports or complaints will be just ignored if you don’t fit to their “values”, whatever their RULES about debating in the forums are. Moreover than keeping your hands off this site, I recommend you to WARN your friends to not even try this “dating site”, since finally it isn’t a dating site at all. It’s just one of the most media controlled by the Zionist nowadays.

  4. It’s a shithole of a site. They will issue bans as and when they like, and more often than not, for no reason.

    If you like the chances of actually finding someone in your local area, that’s actually logged in within the past month, then go for it. I’ve got some magic beans I’d like to sell you
    Though, considering there’s a high chance that the person you’re contacting, is actually a scammer, why take the chance.

    Avoid this site, like thrush!

  5. bestbefore says:

    Would I recommend Connecting Singles?.Not in a million years.I have deleted my profile from this site as it is very unsafe and open to public scrutiny. You don’t have to be a member to log on , read people’s profiles,blogs or Forum comments .

    There is absolutely no privacy or respect for members. Just recently 2 members namely Maxmate1 and Bluefish 22 posted private information which was taken from another site. People’s real names were published on an open Forum .Although against the site’s rules ,these 2 members remain to peddle their poison.

    If you are genuinely looking for a relationship this place is not for you.It is so full of scammers,racists, duplicate profiles the mind boggles.

    Yours disgusted.

  6. If you think about joining that site, watch out for Maxmate1 and Etlal, as they’re both the same person, and not a very nice person at that! Oh, and Bluefish22 will try and befriend you, only to pass anything said to her, onto the previous people, who are seemingly untouchable by the Moderators. Possibly because they are site owned posters, designed to get rid of people.
    Bluefish is a previous banned member, that seems to have kissed enough butt, to be allowed back on. The only condition is, she has to betray her friends. Yah, she will do that quite happily, just so she can keep posting her bile. It’s sickening to think how many people were friends with her, and what they may have told her, only for it to be gossiped about.

    If you dare have an opinion that goes against theirs, you will find that you’ll be banned. The butthurt is seriously strong with them!

    The double standards of that site, are beyond a joke. As Bestbefore says, private and personal information was posted on the forums, and the people were allowed to remain on the site. Those that were named, were banned. Ironic, huh?
    It gets better. If you don’t really care about religion, you will be hounded around the forums and bullied until you fight back. Which will see you banned.
    Oh, the religion of choice is Islam. Say anything against that, and you’re banned. Yet, Christianity and other religions are allowed to be slated.

    If it was a choice of eating glass or being part of that site, I’d ask for a knife and fork.

  7. The above is the name of a thread that was created in the Connecting Singles Forums by a woman called Bluefish22 who took it upon herself to oust her friends in a vicious attack. She not only chose to post private information ,but actually used their real names,which should of course have been protected by the C.S. Moderators.

    This was followed by her pal Maxmate1 who then continued to published a list of people’s usernames with supposedly their correct names alongside.




  8. Ditto says:

    Saw that thread, disgusting behaviour including from those who supported it!

  9. Didgruntled says:

    I’ve been on the site on and off for longer than I care to remember. It was once actually a very good site but I suspect it’s a numbers game these days. Advertisers I guess are attracted by the number of profiles so the more the better regardless whether they are trolls, multiples or genuine. It certainly has more than its fair share of toxic people and it is very easy to see why they are single. Another member has been proven to be fake due to a duplicate pic on FB associated with a profile in Eastern Europe…..but still she continues to post her attacks so not too hot in the intellect either. The forums are full of posters accusing others of things of which they themselves are guilty. Your average pre school nursery would have more maturity than you will see on CS.

  10. diane says:

    I recently used.this site met a guy I thought was great. In the army sweet charming everything you want to find out it wasn’t even the guy I was talking to in the picture. It was a scam.Then I find the same picture under the name zondo11 just changed where he was from age and height. I notified connecting singles and surprise he is still on there.

  11. Confused says:

    I find it so strange that banned members who complain continuously, cannot stay away and return to harrass those who actually enjoy being on Conniecting Singles.

    Sad people that they are.

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