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Review of Free Online Dating Sites,

Look and Feel

Clean design, soft colors, easy navigational menus and a quick registration process that all contributes to make the look and feel of this site top notch. The free dating sites, carries the uniformity through the website from the design and layout which is sign of a well planned site.

Review of free dating sites -

Review of free dating sites -

Registration Process

Unlike other free online dating sites, has a two step registration process and takes you around 5 minutes, the second step asks you for the details like appearance, education, lifestyle and personal. Completion of this process leads to a confirmation email of you free dating profile. Your free dating account does not require any activation and you can start logging in and searching through the online dating site.

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  1. Heya, is excellent and 100% free like plentyoffish.. I finally found my soul mate and just being so in love, I felt I should tell you it’s a great site. So don’t be alone anymore people!

  2. Hey!, is the best and 100% free like plentyoffish.. I finally came across my soul mate and just being so in love, I felt I should tell you it’s a amazing site. So don’t be lonely anymore people!

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  4. dcole050401 says:

    When you rate the sites, is that out of 4? Out of 5? Out of 10? Out of 100?

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