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Review of Free Online Dating Sites,

Look and Feel

Free dating sites, is painted with an entire white background and sky blue fore-color. Site has navigational menus on the left hand side for member’s profile. The most annoying thing that we noticed is the over dose of Google banners all throughout the website. However, this seems to be a necessary trait of most free dating sites as a means to generate income.

Review of free dating sites -

Review of free dating sites -

Registration Process

Signup process of free dating sites, is quick and is bundled into a two step process. The first step ask you details about email, userid, password, lifestyle, appearances, habits and short description about you along with the kind of match you are looking for. After providing all the info to the free dating sites, sends the confirmation mail with the activation code which you need to use in the second step to confirm you account. Once you are finished in both steps you need to wait for 12-24 hours as your free dating account will be under approval status.

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5 Responses to “Review of Free Online Dating Sites,”

  1. harrison says:

    how are you ? i am very happy to write sent you message and pls you can give me your msn?

  2. Heya, is excellent and 100% free like plentyoffish.. I finally found my soul mate and just being so in love, I felt I should let you know it’s a amazing site. So don’t be alone anymore people!

  3. masah says:

    i needsomeone to love me

  4. aliajuah says:

    i need someone to love me

  5. jrhymez says:

    no doubt am impressed with this dating site,but i can only be more happier if my activation code is sent quickly,i joined saymehi 26/12/2011 but since then my account has been on approval,making me upset everyday,pls i will if it can be sent immediately so i can celebrate this site with the rest of my colleagues user name jrhymez. Email [email protected] tanx

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