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Like every other facet of our lives, dating has been transformed (and improved) by technology. Wherever you go, you’re likely to face a constant barrage of advertising for online dating sites, promising to match you with your eternal soul mate. Now, prepare to take this phenomenon to the next level; it’s time to shut down your computer. The newest craze in the online dating game is the “SMS flirt”. With a few quick strokes of the keypad, you can fire off a message to your potential partner. Best of all, you’re not wasting any time. Text messages help you get to the point. While phone conversations can drag on and on for hours, texts are direct, and require just a few quick seconds of typing into the phone. You can also send a message directly from the computer, adding another dimension to your texting.

As technology continues to make our world smaller and smaller, our brains have concurrently become more and more inclined to the pursuit of immediate gratification. We don’t want something next week, we want it now! With a flirt text, you can take comfort in knowing that your romantic interest will know exactly what you’re thinking within seconds of the sending of a message. Often, the cute little thoughts that pop into your head are time sensitive. With SMS flirt, you can stay in constant communication throughout the day, and if you’re having a rough morning at the office, it’s always a nice little pick me up to receive a quick text from your romantic interest.

Text flirting is a happy medium between the Internet and a phone call. In the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s nice to have an extra few seconds to think of a clever response. Flirting by text gives you that extra moment to come up with something that will really blow your partner away. Taking a second to compose your thoughts can add a ton of firepower to your texts.

Additionally, flirt text is playfully daring. Sneak your phone under the desk at work for a quick second, and try to hide your smile: what if your boss is watching? Luckily, he can’t see the wireless love signals flying through the air. At times when words can’t be uttered, feel free to take that risk and fully express yourself with a text.

We can also make mention of the beauty of condensing such powerful emotions into short SMS messages. If Shakespeare was alive today, he could save a few keystrokes communicating to a lover via text: “2 B or not 2 B?” It’s almost as if everything sounds more charged through flirting by text. It lets us keep things short and sweet, just the way they should be, whether you’re just starting to see someone, or the relationship has evolved into something more intimate.

Another advantage comes with the fact that our phones are always available; we simply don’t leave home without them. With SMS dating, you can carry on a conversation based out of your pocket! At the same time, you’re not obligated to answer a text right away. If you’re busy at the moment, you can just refer back to your partner’s text at a later time, when you have a free second. With SMS flirting, you’re always in control. So why not step up your dating game, and join the world of mobile phone love?

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