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If you could time travel back to the past?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

I recently watched a documentary by the famous physicist Stephen Hawking called ‘Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking’ which comes in 3 episodes. I was particularly intrigued by the 2nd episode on ‘Time Travel’. Here Stephen Hawking describes the feasibility of time travel and muses over traveling in the past in which he concludes would be impossible. The reason for this would be that paradoxes would prevent this from happening. For example, if you could go back in time and by chance, your interference caused your own death then how could you possibly exist in the future. This is a paradox. However, forget the theoretical aspects of time travel and ask yourself why people would want to travel back to the past.



It may be that some of us would want to go back in time and rectify the wrong doing or change something they regret doing. You have to examine people’s motives and reasons for going back in time. Many historians would love to see the past and corroborate their findings through history books to actual events. Paleontologists would love to find out what happened millions of years ago and how dinosaurs became extinct. Evolutionary theorists would love to know the beginnings of life and when the first seed of life actually sprouted on earth. Religious people would go even further back and look at when the hand of God created the universe. For whatever reasons, it becomes a much more personal matter when you want to go back to the timeline of your own existence. It may indicate a sense of unhappiness with your life and a desire to have taken a different direction. Personally, my interest for going back would be to simply observe but not change any events.

If you do dwell in forgotten events and regret having made the decisions you made, then it is possible that you are not giving yourself a chance for the future. The future holds a wonderment for change and looking forward to what lies ahead with all of our dreams and ambitions are key to our present well being. If we don’t dream of a future and take no action, we simply wallow in our dreams and can never hope to make progress. If we wallow too much from our past events, we embody a sense of fear and a reluctance towards change. No one knows what actually lies ahead but all of us can strive to be something or not. Look back into the past and see that the world has unfolded for you in a way that you could have never imagined. It is impossible to control the future just as it is impossible to have imagined a life of the past. Forget the past, put your best foot forward….always.

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