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Using search engines to locate good free dating sites - Part 17 - Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Article Subject: 17. Using Google’s dynamic instant search

Dr. Dato’s Brief:

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Google not only tries to innovate the way we conduct search but ultimately brings to the table that everyone can benefit and their recent feature of dynamic keyword suggestion results is no exception.

Previously, I mentioned that variations of keywords and phrases will give you more results in the websites you are looking for and you may have asked how one can get those list of variations. Since the search engines are designed to work with words, there is a big cottage industry to support this area and they provide all kinds of keyword tools.

However, since Google makes life easy for us, it has partially done this within the search engine box. Let’s say you type the keyword ‘free dating sites’, you will notice that as you type a drop list appears giving you more suggestions to choose from This has been around for a while and most websites are now using it including sites such as,, etc.

What makes Google special is that it produces an instant result sets in the organic listing pane, so you can visualize the kind of results it will provide even before completing the typed words.

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Googles powerful instant search can save much time for we humans

Googles powerful instant search can save much time for we humans

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