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Dr Datos take on the Facebook Graph for online daters?

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Facebook (FB) as you know has been the king pin in social networking and judging by Mark Zuckerberg’s recent TV coverage is edging his way into all kinds of business. What Facebook has is the largest pool of humans on the planet, close to 1 billion. For sure Mark Zuckerberg is looking at all sorts of ways to make a revenue generating company now that the company is public. His earlier stunts included writing to his mail address for a fee where they can guarantee delivery of the mail, really? Is he really short of money or is he just putting a publicity stunt and what are the chances of him reading and responding to that mail. Maybe I will fork out $50 or $100 or whatever it is if he did read and reply, but then again it maybe any of the employees at FB. What would be the chance that the email communication ends up into a conversation. I am not sure if he thought about this but he should really do what Warren Buffet does and that is to have dinner with him for a million or so donated to charity of his choice.

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