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Paid Dating Sites Review –

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

In my constant pursuit for online dating sites that would be useful and valuable to my readers, I came across an entirely new concept in dating sites called This is a subscription paid dating site and as the name suggests flip me is a site where dating happens through a ‘flip of a card’. Flip me utilizes a dating card which has a unique code for each user, sounds interesting? Lets take a peek inside…

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Paid Dating Sites Review – - Part 2

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

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Registration Process

You can register free to this site which is pretty much a common thing in most dating sites including the paid subscription based sites.

The registration process seems to be simple as there are 4 steps to the registration and in the first step you have to give your username and password.

The second step is where the registration requests your first and last name, email, birth date and how did you hear about the site which is a good way of tracking users and for marketing purposes.
The third step is the optional information where you can upload your picture and fill in some conversation starters with the final fourth step is where you buy a card according to your needs.

This completes the registration process.

Login & Customizing Profiles

You will automatically be logged in following the registration process.

Once you login you will see the user icons such as the inbox, outbox, and address book.

Customizing on this site needs to be improved further as you can only edit your profile and activate your cards.

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Paid Dating Sites Review – - Part 3

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

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Photo Profile Section

Photo uploading can only be done from your computer and I see no strict rules adhering to the types of photo I am allowed to upload. You are permitted to upload your profile picture only but there is no option to save or share my photos.

Browse & Search Feature

As I mentioned earlier that this is a new concept so the website does not have any features for browsing and searching. As you purchase the flip cards you will get a member id and code which is unique to you. You have to flip those cards meaning you need to give it to your admirer and if they choose to contact you the card will will have the information to login to the website and allow them to show their interest in you or not.


The messaging feature is just like any other sites with the inbox and outbox and you can only send messages if you have member id and card id of the person whom you are sending a message to.

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Paid Dating Sites Review – - Part 4

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

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Member Base

As you can’t search for the members so I cannot comment about the member base.
It is difficult for find out how many members are on this website or using the service offered by the site.


Longevity of this website can only be determined by the active users of the site which isn’t really intended as an online dating service but more dependent on the offline activity of members issuing the cards.


Ease of registration process 2
Look and feel of website 2.5
Available features 1
Profile creation & completeness 1
Matching System 0.5
Overall Rating 1.4

Ranking Statistics
This site looks to be in the early stages and does not enjoy any web ranking. Since June 2010 website show invariable traffic which was at peak in Sep 2010 and then running flat. Website had a 1100+ unique visitors last year.

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Paid Dating Sites Review – - Part 5

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

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There are many easy and fast dating sites available in this world of dating so the issue of Flipmedating with its unique content is a a difficult one to measure and primarily dependent on the offline activities of its users, ie. able to issue as many cards to their admirers.

The registration is free and quick but one cannot find their match unless they have their card id. Profile pictures can be added from your computer but sharing and adding more pictures are not available.

The site on the other hand is easy to use and attractive

It is targeted at a very niche audience and only time will tell if it has any redeeming qualities.

-The End-

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