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Review of Paid Dating Sites –

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Previously we have reviewed one of Australians top dating site called and now we review a well known dating site that has remained near the top in the US sector called This site claims to be helpful to you in finding your perfect match in just 6 months and has a guarantee. This is a paid dating site like all the other affiliated sites around the world and has been targeted mainly for the Australian market but you can also find matches from around the world.

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Review of Paid Dating Sites – - Part 2

Monday, March 21st, 2011

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In the next step you have to upload your profile picture while the last step is your introduction in which you have to give your profile headline and say something about you and your seeking partner.

Login & Customizing Profiles

After filling all the details in the registration process, you are automatically logged in to the site.

For those who are already a member, they should give username and password to login to their account.

As you login to the site you will see the username that has been distinctly placed at the top while on the right side you will find a new search box and saved searches.

The whole site is covered with information on other member matches that suit your criteria.

Customization has been well designed here and you can change you account setting along with other things.

Here you can have the features such as like, auto sign in, blocking, cancel membership, email options, change sign-up information and subscription.

You can also change and edit your profile.

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Review of Paid Dating Sites – - Part 3

Monday, March 21st, 2011

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Photo Profile Section

The site allows you to upload photos from your computer and I have not seen any rules and regulations regarding photo upload but after you upload a photo, it will be sent for approval. The time required for approval has not been mentioned here.

You can upload your primary photo and more photos as your picture album and the site does not even specify how many photos can be uploaded.

You can replace your uploaded photo and when you send a replacement photo, your previous photo will remain visible until your replacement has been approved.

If your photo does meet approval, you will get a mail containing all the rules for photo upload.

They are simple rules and similar to all the other dating sites.

The photo that you submit should not be copyrighted images, dead animals, contact information, or weapons that are displayed on your person.

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Review of Paid Dating Sites – - Part 4

Monday, March 21st, 2011

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Your primary photo should be a recent portrait of your face that clearly shows your facial features
Your album photos should be a picture that will give others an indication of your;

  • - interests or hobbies
  • - sports you enjoy
  • - places you find interesting
  • - pets
  • - etc

photos should not contain;

  • - Nudity or anything that is too explicit or suggestive.
  • - Photos which are too small or too blurry.
  • - Cartoons or illustrations
  • - Photos displaying dead animals with the exception of fish
  • - Weapons those are touching your person
  • - Contact information such as
  • - email addresses,
  • - website URLs,
  • - street addresses
  • - vehicle identification plates.

Browse & Search Feature

The site is a paid dating site, so there are some limitations for browsing some of the few features on this site.

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Review of Paid Dating Sites – - Part 5

Monday, March 21st, 2011

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Quick Search: Here you have to give yours and your partner’s gender, his/her age range, location within area, country, city and state and you can add or change your criteria or search for different locations.

More Search Options: They are mutual matches, reverse matches and online now.

In mutual matches you will find members that you are searching for.

Reverse match is the section where you will find members who are searching for you and the site also displays some new matches that match you.

Username Search: Here you can search your partner by their username.

You can save all your searches and view them whenever needed.


Messaging feature is designed nicely but you will find many things missing that are becoming increasingly common to dating sites of today such as sending of virtual gifts, kisses, IM etc.

The site offers you to send mail only after subscription and free users only have the facility of sending winks.

You can also chat with the members after you area a subscribed paid member of the site.

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