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Does Size Really Matter? – Reveals New Researches Worldwide

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

You probably read this many times and ask yourself too the question “Does penile size really matter to women?” And you would have found the answers. However, new generation always has this query and researchers from the current era try their best to find out the truth.

Latest research on does size matter for women

It is hot debate right now as researchers like NAT Geo from Australia and Psychologists from Scotland have a dome test for females to find out how much the size lures them or does it play a role in reaching female orgasm.

Does Size Really Matter? – Reveals New Researches Worldwide

Does Size Really Matter? – Reveals New Researches Worldwide

National Geographic has conducted a research on by doing the brain mapping of 100+ Australian women between age group 26 to 52 years old. They have shown images of human penis to these females and observed gray areas of their brain. The research was headed by Brian Mautz with his team from Ottawa, Canada. [Resource]

These ladies were asked to rate those pictures on the scale of 1-7, where 1 being less attractive and 7 being the most. However, the facts that came up were surprising which showed that larger you go does not necessarily make you less attractive. They also found some correlation of the height of men and the length of flaccid penises. The most attractive was 2.99 inches. The research was not totally convincing about the length of the penis, but the overall size of the penis does make an impact.

In the other part of the world scientist in Scotland were more interested in finding how often females reach orgasm and if there any connection between the sizes of male organs and reaching climax every time. The study included 323 students from the university and were asked to remember their last experience. They found that 60% of females said that size made no difference in their experience against 30.33% said that they were more attracted by size. [Resource]

In the past there were plenty of such research that took place but did not find the first kind of these studies but the there appears to be a growing interest in the coming years. Jumpdates believes that there plenty of aspect that that researchers need to look at rather than just the size of the penis. Traits like girth, duration of foreplay, actual penetration and plenty of those factors that can reveal more on this so called hidden fact which can be found during the real action rather just the pure science research in the lab.

Comment on this article and tell us what you have experienced when you were in action last time.

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