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Past Present and Future of Cyber Sex Toys

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Yahoo was the pioneer to launch chat rooms which evolved into sex chat room eventually as a separate category gaining much popularity across the globe. Every member of the room could express and live out their sexual fantasies.

The transition to Skype sex and cyber sex was inevitable

With cyber sex gadgets, using them can feel as real as sex can be with the advantage of the mind wandering to various levels of fantasies without hurting the ego of your partner.

Past Present and Future of Cyber Sex Toys

Past Present and Future of Cyber Sex Toys

The free chat rooms have been revamped to accommodate cyber sex. Gone are the day when one could only type out sexual moves with a partner who maybe anywhere across the globe. Next was the phone sex where both partners could speak to each other by putting the sexual moves in words. Then followed the web chat where one could see the partner and have fun together.

Cyber sex is sex for the new generation and sex with a difference. With the launch of cyber sex toys, people in a long distance relationship can experience the closeness and build a stronger relationship. Sex is a heart-bonder and the two people can come as close with the use of these remote cyber sex toys. These toys can be connected to the laptop, computer or even the cell phone and are controlled by the other partner using game console remote.

Kissing Device: Japan invented a teledildonic cyber kiss transmission device which has a rotating straw that transmits the feel of a kiss

RealTouch: a USB connected device between computers of two partners where both can experience the warm and wet sensations almost like real simulation

Review of RealTouch

Robosuck: who could imagine that the mouse will be the most important sex tool! Robosuck controller window pops up on the monitor. The partner moves the mouse to control the movements. Enjoy the private fantasy with real cyber sex where the toy is pumping but nobody is touching

Pelvic Thrust: LovePalz is a two way cyber sex toy that senses the partner’s pelvic thrust translating it into real time movement

Mojowijo: vibrator has two parts, one for the guy and one for the girl which is controlled by the partner using games console remote.

Cyber sex is an alternate kind of sex that people engage in as it is the safest possible sex that fulfills your sexual fantasy offering one a fulfilling sex life. Cyber sex cannot be called virtual sex any more as it is almost as real as sex can be and with cyber sex toys available to simulate each other. There are mobile apps too for most of the cyber sex toys so one can jack off any time with a willing cyber partner!

Will cyber sex bring back intimacy into the life of partners in a long distance relationship and add a spark to it or will law be redefined to call this adultery when a husband has cyber sex with his cyber friend?

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