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Marriage Proposal Traditions around The World

Monday, February 4th, 2013

A marriage proposal around the world signifies the interest of the man to marry the woman to share life together. It is a public declaration of his affection for her. Tradition has always been that the man proposes to the women though in recent times we do see few women proposing to the men. In Scotland, 29th February is the day when the lady can propose to the man.


Japan is a country loaded with tradition. Find a romantic place to propose to your girlfriend, remember to take the ring and then propose to her. You can add romance to your proposal with a rose held with your teeth and you are down on your knees. This is easy. Tradition needs to be followed for brownie points when you go to meet her parents and speak in Japanese. In Oriental society the father is more important in most matters than the mother. Take a small gift for both parents when you go to meet them. Ask both the parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage but address the father.

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Marriage Proposal Traditions around The World

Marriage Proposal Traditions around The World


The boy’s family hired a representative to liaison between them and the girl’s family. Handing over of the girl’s date of birth and time document meant acceptance of the proposal. The horoscopes of both were matched and then only both families agreed that the marriage was favorable. Even today both families judge the other as per their social status, education, looks and character.


During Medieval times the guy proposed with a hawthorn. If the girl refused she would put the branch at the door with a cauliflower. Marriage proposals have greatly changed over the years, with the guy proposing to the girl and upon her acceptance going to meet her parents.

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Proposals for marriage around the world still revolve around the custom that views marriage as a means to continue ancestral lineage and build family alliances. There may be slight variation in the methods of proposing but the basic tradition is the same the world over.

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