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Why do Singles get married – Do you agree to this?

Monday, August 27th, 2012

It is normal for singles to meet and start liking each other, fall in love and when they find the perfect time they get married. But, have you ever gave a thought as to why they get married when they are happy with their single status and still enjoy what life has to offer.

Why do Singles get married – Do you agree to this

Why do Singles get married – Do you agree to this

The recent poll on dating and relationship advice site has a variety of flavors on this. Here are some of the interesting answers posted by singles.

1. Famous personality and Founder of Richard Jones has said that they get married because to get tax benefits.

2. There is another answer for this that says that marriages are the best way to say that you have found the perfect partner and your search has ended. However, over the years that has also got tainted because of more divorces.

3. While one answer shows the reality that people marry because of social pressures like from family and peer pressure. This happens mainly in southern Asian counties. It is also treated as a social and financial institution.

4. The one scientific answer from a biology student says that when you enter in to puberty age your physical need overrides your mind and to get easy sex people get married.

Jumpdates believes that it is a combination of many factors like love, sex, financial and emotional support that is needed in difficult and later stages of life.

Comment on this article and tell us why you think singles should get married.

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