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The link between career aspirations and relationships

The other day, I was watching this intriguing program on TV by HBO called ‘State of Play: Happiness’ where the celebrity Michael Strahan appeared on the show. The discussion centered around the state of being happy and as the program progressed I realized that the essence of someone especially a man and his relationship with compatriots and close members of the family are intertwined. What I mean is that the true nature of the person, their character, personality, attitude and well being are interlinked to the kind of relationships that he/she has with other people.

It became obvious that the ‘persona’ of many people are dictated by their aspirations for the future, the very things they strive for and the goals they want to achieve in life. Many of these goals are career aspirations such as reaching a high level of ability in some area such as athletics, sports, arts, music or other areas demanding a high level of patience, determination and the desire to achieve. Typically the person becomes a reflection of his/her own career aspirations and reflects that aura around the very people they associate with.

Along with this internal drive, comes other qualities such as the endurance to tolerate pain and above all the happiness factor which this program talks about. Their ’state of happiness’ comes about after striving through an arduous process and putting aside great hardship to reach their desired goals. People become committed to their goals and depending on what level they choose to obtain it, reveals great many facets of their character.

Next time you are in a relationship, ask what their career aspirations are and how they expect to achieve it, it can tell you a great deal about this person which otherwise can take a very long time.

Determination and relationships

Determination and relationships

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  1. Nick_xwIE says:

    I think that this Is a great way to go about meeting someone that will actually last.

  2. Soum_BWgL says:

    I like it. Keep it up

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