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Top 100 Ways to be a Bitch that Men Loves

Title – Why Men Love Bitches

Author – Sherry Argov


From the day one of her life women has been told and tuned to be nice to everyone especially men as it could bring them respect and love they need from men. However, the New York Times best selling author and famous talk show host Sherry Argov tends to disagree.
As name of the book suggests “Men Love Bitches” and nice girls are treated like a doormat while men are looking for dream-girls. The book is a series of Attraction Principles that tell women that begin nice would not bring them the dream men in their lives and they really should be practicing how to be a bitch. That breaks the myth every women have ingrained from birth, that if they are good to men they would respect them, love them and would never cheat on them. In this situation the definition of a bitch becomes extremely important which was very well explained by Sherry throughout her book.

A bitch is someone who is strong, can standup for herself, who knows her priorities in life, can carry herself with dignity, does not compromises on what she needs and doesn’t chase happiness in life instead makes it her current priority. Don’t confuse here that she only thinks of herself and does not respect others, of course she is looking to herself, but no more than what she would want herself. She thinks a lot before choosing her men rather than desperately looking for someone and then feeling guilty or falling victim to her own making.

This is a good book for all those ladies who are bored of being nice and did not get much in life being a nice person. Unlike our previous review of “He’s Just Not That into You” which was a pocket reference, this is actually a book with 250+ pages and 100 relationship attraction principles.

What we can learn

The message is loud and clear from Sherry Argov that it’s enough of being a nice girl and its times to be a bitch. Nice girl do not get what they want in life. She explained all this in the 100 relationship attraction principles that she believes are faced by girls every day and most of them fail to respond in the most desirable manner.

“Why Men Love Bitches” make those nice girls and ladies that being nice would never earn them the love and respect they want from their men. It makes those ladies seem like an easy catch and men usually love thrills and spills and women falling into the ‘bitch’ category do well. So rather be submissive, be assertive in what you do. It’s like when women chase men they run away from them but when women starts ignoring men they feel attracted or want to win her as if it becomes the matter of ego and point to prove that they are better than others.

This book talks about things that actually makes women uninteresting to men. Things like being emotional and financially dependent, inability to speak their mind, being easily cajoled into sex (even after a couple of dates), not able to show their feminine qualities and plenty of other that men would love to see in ladies. It’s not that men don’t want sex, in fact sex drives their emotions but, getting it early in a relationship would result in less interest in the lady as he got what he needed.

We can call this a good bitch making guide as this talk about every little detail that girl would need to show, cultivate and master to be the most loveable women for her men. But again we should remember the definition of the bitch set by Sherry Argov.

Dr Dato’s Comments

The best thing about “Why Men Love Bitch” is it’s easy to understand and relate to the real life world. It never talks about those things that are fantasy or does not exist in relationship between a man and a woman. The way Sherry Argov has hand picked these issue are highlighted in her book and women can easily relate to the 100 relationship attraction principles and feel a sense of deja vous.

What turns out to be the biggest turn-off in the book is repetitiveness about lots of topics like – being independent, maintain their dignity, don’t offer easy sex to men and few others discussed which at times kills the reader’s interest.

Good news for men is that this book targets their interest from a females voice as author of the book knowingly or unknowingly talk about and provide advice to girls to do actually things that men want.

Although the word ‘bitches’ has been implied in this book, it should not be taken in it’s literal form, since a complete ‘bitch’ is usually abhorred by many men unless they too have lost their complete sense of dignity and self-respect. Men are looking for a balanced woman who not only looks to her interest but her man too.


On a scale of 5 “Why Men Love Bitches” scores 3.5, actually it could have scored more as at times you feel that there is lack of material and a deliberate effort to stretch the 100 attraction principles which could have been wrapped up a lot sooner.

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7 Responses to “Top 100 Ways to be a Bitch that Men Loves”

  1. Rsoe says:

    I dont agree with this, its all about what you allow a man to do. If he is looking for a one night stand then I say move on.

  2. David says:

    Complete and utter nonsense. Being a bitch will get you nowhere with me.

  3. Jumpdates says:

    It depends on your view that what kind of women you want for long term relationship. You need to also remember the definition of bitch she set for ladies.

  4. Michelle says:

    Well it depends on them both

  5. piatek says:

    I agree. It depends on both!

  6. banjee says:

    Agree or disagree is depend on you. It depends how you view it.

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