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Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet - part 2

Top internet dating advice - how to be a women magnet

Hard to get: be hard to get but not impossible. This is a balance which you will have to find out. Don’t be available every time she says she wants to meet you nor act too pricey lest she loses interest in you.

Concentrate on a Task: is a big turn on for women and she will surely be attracted to you. Discussing about your work, business trend on a world platform will catch her interest rather than your daily office talk. This intelligent discussion will improve her knowledge and you will be rated as an attractive, intelligent and dedicated guy who understands and enjoys his work.

Be excited about life: expressing your excitement about life is highly attractive. Express your excitement and happiness with emoticons that are available on the web chat windows.

Posture: if you are video chatting, keep your posture right so convey your positive attitude towards life. No woman wants to waste her time with a dull, boring guy.

Be genuinely interested: when you are chatting with her, be genuinely interested in what she tells you or discusses with you. Pay attention so you don’t ask her the same things again. Your interest in her will convey your care and she will get closer to you.

Honesty: honesty is truly the best policy. Be genuine. Be honest. Speaking the truth tells her that you have accepted the way you are which she finds very attractive.

Original: be original in your talks and chats. Women love men who are original as it creates a sense of excitement which will keep them attracted to you.

Match the wavelength: to keep her attracted to you, match your wavelengths. It may happen naturally but if it doesn’t and you want her to be attracted to you simply pay attention to what she says and conveys. Match her interest and energy level to find her swooning over you.

Follow these internet dating tips to be labeled as the women magnet of the century!

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  1. Being happy and believing you can have it is the way to be!!!

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