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Top Reasons Why Single Men Don’t Want Commitment

They love dating, like to flirt, like to spend quality time with their dating partner but why single men are afraid of being committed? Probably you have to read this on many dating articles and relationship forums.



The answer to this question can be easy if we try to go a little deeper and understand the male psychology. Since the age of time our society has been male dominated where men do not like anyone to dictate to them or ask questions on their authority and why. In simple words they hated “WH” questions.

On the other hand, women love men who like to share the smallest of the details. They love that their men share everything that happens when they are not together. But, men have a different perspective about this and think they are spying on their private lives. For men, the biggest threat of being committed is losing their freedom at the cost of love.

This is a never ending debate of why single men don’t want commitment too early in their lives. Comment on this article to tell us your views on this subject.

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4 Responses to “Top Reasons Why Single Men Don’t Want Commitment”

  1. David says:

    Young men do not want commitment? Who knew?

  2. KIM says:


  3. Carilou says:

    I never looked at it that way. I can see why that would scare men now that I think of it. I am just naturally a supportive, caring person and I always wanted to know what was going on with my significant other, not to be nosy but because I cared. Very interesting to me

  4. Lais says:

    Who knows if all the young men don’t want commitment???

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