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Understand Men through Act like a Lady, Think like a Man by Steve Harvey

Title Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

AuthorSteve Harvey - Famous comedian, Author and radio host

Relationship advice book review

Relationship advice book review


Act like a lady, think like a man was published in 2009 and especially designed for ladies who want to understand men and how they see relationships, love, sex and other emotional turmoil in their lives.

This book is a compilation of real life examples and experience of Steve Harvey and is beautifully packed into a 248 page book that explains the male psychology about relationships with ladies. Fifteen chapters of the book are created and arranged in a manner that flows well and make excellent reading for women eager to understand men.

Throughout the book Steve Harvey has emphasized on the basic differences of men and women psychology. According to him men as simpler to understand and women are a more complex species, which seems to be universally accepted by everyone. He also points out the basic differences between the way men and women love each other. The chapter “Our love isn’t like your love” set the mood of the reader by making it a more compelling read.

Just like his punch line in the book that men are simple to understand Steve’s book is easy to understand to the complex species that he calls “women”. There are plenty of good sections in the book that explain the need and priority of men at different stages and situation of the relationship in their lives. His microscopic approach to help ladies in understanding men has been the main attention grabber of this book.

What we can learn

The major part of the book talks to women and explains to them that men are simple in their behavior and attitude to understand.

Every man should ask these three questions to himself:- what am I, what I do and how much I make. Steve refers to this as the DNA of every man and this defines the role of men being a protector and provider for his family.

Act like a lady, think like a man teaches the overall differences of men and women when it comes to love, relationship and sex by giving simple but yet real life examples. Here is one from the top drawer, women have always wanted to know that if he is really into them or not? Well it’s not that difficult, go with him in public and make sure he introduces you to his friends. The title that he gives you ensures that you get your answer. Or here is another one, ask your friends to talk bad about you and try noticing his reaction, he would not like to hear a single word if he thinks he is in love with you.

Steve very meaningfully explains the different phases like, relationship and what both men and women looking from their relationship. A section where Steve tries to explain why men cheat and how to find if your guys is in love with you in a section called the “ninety day rule” are highlights of this book.

This book is also perfect for guys who want to be MEN and women as it explains what men should do to be MEN and what women really want in men.

Dr Dato’s Comments

The entire book is like a joyful ride, just when you think you had enough another twist and mind blowing fact with real life example is presented to you. The good thing about book is its compilation of all these real life examples.

Being in a relationship offers different emotions, responsibility and needs and there has to be a different approach to handle them by men and women. Women should expect men to sit along side her and make her feel happy when she is crying and listen to her gossip everyday. Men are not made for this but real men would ensure that his lady should hardly cry at all.

While reading the book from the male perspective you could feel that every word is true and accurate and relates to your life as it really happens. However, there are times when a woman is too much male centric and makes you feel that sex is the biggest priority for men in a committed relationship.

Overall this relationship advice book by Steve Harvey is much a good read to those who are in a committed relationship and in pursuit of true love.


Act like a lady, think like a man scores 3.5 out of 5 as some of the stand out section like DNA of men, sign of love and type of women and the last section where there is a series of questions that normally women have when they fall in love or want to understand men.

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5 Responses to “Understand Men through Act like a Lady, Think like a Man by Steve Harvey”

  1. Johnson says:

    The entire book is like a joyful ride, just when you think you had enough another twist and mind blowing fact with real life example is presented to you.

  2. David says:

    Men and women will never truly understand each other no matter what they do.

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