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Using search engines to locate good free dating sites - Part 7 - Online Dating Briefs by Dr. Dato

Article Subject: 7. Conducting your first google search

Dr. Dato’s Brief:

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Now that you have a good grasp of the search engines as well as the necessary preparatory steps to dive into your venture, then let us begin and have some fun!

Open your browser and go to Google main page and type in something that pops into your head. In my example here, I just typed in ‘preparetory’ to check if i had misspelt the word incorrectly. I often do this for all the words, notice how Google has even taken away this business too and brought it to their search engines. Instead of having to open a dictionary (such as the one that comes with MS Word) and searching for this word, I simply copy (Ctrl + C)* and paste (Ctrl + V)* and click on the search button.

Google than returns the all information directly related to this keyword ‘preparetory’ that you typed but upon further examination and perhaps with astonishment, Google actually did a search for the correct usage of the word which is ‘preparatory’ and displayed results for that!

Google is thinking one step ahead and as usual making life easy for all of us. You will also notice that Google is by no means trying to proclaim your searches as being ‘dumb’ because just below the search box is a line saying ‘Showing results for preparatory. Search instead for preparetory’. Naturally, Google has tried to correct your mistake so you don’t have to go one step further but just incase has provided the link to do your original search as you had requested, very clever.

Next we will examine the use of good ‘keywords’ and ‘phrases’ that will be used in your hunt for the best ‘free dating sites’.

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googles clever handling of misspelt words

googles clever handling of misspelt words

*For Mac Users
Copy (Command + C), Paste (Command + V)

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