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Don’t Blame Online Dating Sites for Teen Sexual Abuse - Part 2

Don’t Blame Online Dating Sites for Teen Sexual Abuse - part 1

Why do people turn abusers? Is it because they were abused as kids and they could not speak out? Were there parents not supportive enough and did not try to understand the kid and the child felt neglected? It has been found that most of the child abusers are known to the child and family as well. Social stigma or the fear of disturbing the hornet’s nest (family) prevents the parents from giving justice to the child. This leaves emotional scars on the child which makes them grow up with vengeance.

Another fact for sexual abuse could be the conservative ways of life that are forced on the individual in the name of tradition. A person with a rebellious nature will not try to understand these traditions but will try to break them for their own ego-satisfaction. The level of frustration across the nations has increased due to high cost of living, lesser jobs; media exposure has shown the glamorous side of life and living which has affected the mindset of the people in developing nations.

The best way to release frustration is through sex is what has been scientifically proven. The people are literally applying this to their life-style and going on a sexual satisfaction spree at any cost. The government of India had passed a law that a citizen is considered to be an adult at 18 years of age. With the crime scene changing in India, the govt. is planning to reduce the age of an adult from 18 years to 16 years! If you can think of sexual abuse at sixteen then you are responsible enough to face the consequences of the crimes you commit and cannot get away by being a juvenile. Sex at 16, voting at 18, drinking permit at 25!

Parents must give more attention to their child at the growing age. Be supportive and understanding so that the child feels free to discuss everything with the parents rather than falling under the peer pressure and committing a crime which he/she regret later. Trust your child more than you trust your family members as usually the child abusers are known to the child and the family. Give time to your child and not just load the child with money, gadgets and exotic holidays that will keep your status high in society and put your child in to the dumps.

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