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Free Dating Sites Review – &

After getting my hands on 3 (match doctor, jumpdate and plenty of fish) websites I was excited enough to explore the new heights of online dating (mean to say free online dating)
This review is a continuation of the series of reviews that I will be doing on free dating sites that are currently available online today. The previous review on,, and can be found here…

The two sites under review here are and
Both sites are 100% free online dating websites and do not cost anything to the end-user to sign up and use their service.

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23 Responses to “Free Dating Sites Review – &”

  1. Jumpdates says:

    Thanks for the tips!!!

  2. Jumpdates says:

    Seems a little basic in design, but overall completely free.

  3. Jumpdates says:

    Interesting piece, I like that.

  4. Jumpdates says:

    That sounds very nice and interesting

  5. Jumpdates says:

    jumpdates is a great site

  6. Jumpdates says:

    love is in the air

  7. Jumpdates says:

    cool people on this site

  8. Jumpdates says:

    Thanks for the interest

  9. Jumpdates says:

    Thats pretty good and interesting

  10. Jumpdates says:

    Yes, dating site is a good thing to do in plus.

  11. Jumpdates says:

    Yes, dating sites are one of the best things we can do to filling the time in Covid-19 period.

  12. Jumpdates says:

    I am going to check it out now and I’ll lyk how it goes for me.

  13. Jumpdates says:

    I am going to check it out now!!

  14. Jumpdates says:

    Online dating can be good or bad depending on the person you meet and how compatible both people are with each other. I’m glad I found this site, but hopefuly it really works like it has for some. I do like the part it says that it’s completely free! Although, I haven’t tried it yet I’m always ready to try new thangz. I just hope for the best for me and all those others who try it too.

  15. Jumpdates says:

    wow nice one ,hope to see more

  16. Jumpdates says:

    nice to see this

  17. Jumpdates says:

    A lot of those websites 8 free but you’re not really free they say free to join and that’s it then they want to charge you for this and that this is one of the best websites

  18. Jumpdates says:

    I’m going to give one of these sites to try and see what happens

  19. admin says:

    it is awesome

  20. admin says:

    Sounds good. I’ll try them.

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