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Road Trip.

Dating is like taking a road trip. A long journey defined by the meandering way to reach a destination. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy this trip.

A road trip is not a cross country flight. Its a journey so embrace all the ups and downs. Make a promise to enjoy the high points and learn from the low points. Be excited about new prospects and be baffled when things are not going as planned. Just like a car, your dating life is not going to constantly run on the same gear.

Throughout the trip, assess your emotions. Seek to understand your emotions as you get on with dating. A road trip will inevitably have a few wrong turns, pit stops and multiple detours. As you handle these aspects, figure out what you like and dislike. Make a concrete description of your hopes. Search for the source of your inspiration to love and be loved. When you understand your feelings you will know what you want out of your love life.

Ditch the junk in the trunk. Would you carry around a set of golf clubs if you are driving into the Nevada desert? So, why would you carry around baggage from past relationships when you embark on a search for a new love? Negative thoughts and feelings- the frustrations, the mistakes, the wrong lessons, the unheeded advice - dampen your motivation to find the love you deserve.

On a road trip, you are your company. Learn to like yourself, because you are already hard-wired to love yourself. Do things you enjoy, listen to the songs you want to, laugh at jokes that you think are funny. When you like yourself, others will like your company.

Here are a few quotes on love by the Persian poet Rumi to inspire and motivate you on your search for love.

“As long as you want only leaves,
you will never know the fruits.
As long as you indulge yourself
with your charms and graces,
you will never know Love’s charms and graces.”

“If you fall in love,
your love is your proof
and that is enough.
If you are not in love,
what good is proof?”

“Choose love. Choose love.
Without this beautiful love,
life is nothing but a burden.”

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  1. kimmy says:

    this is truth and very beautifull

  2. kimmy says:

    ok i lke italot

  3. zinc-1 says:

    very charming, just what i needed!

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