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Social Dysfunction Can Certainly Spoil Your Dating Life

You have heard that lots of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and that can spoil their active sexual life and directly affect a perfectly happy couple. However, the bigger threat today is of social dysfunction. Younger generation is creating a life around the so called gadgets and they hang out on Google+ and come to know each other through social networking sites such as Facebook. I am sure you have discovered your locals on online social sites.



Social dysfunction is creeping up with more and more singles hooking up on dating and social networking sites. They mostly talk or texting (thanks to instant messenger and smartphones). Question is, how do you know you have social dysfunction, well the answer is under our noses:–

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1. First thing you have to ask when you meet someone is their Facebook or Twitter handlers.

2. You look for a like button on your friends T-shirt to share with your friends.

3. You look or copy something which you love while reading and moving.

4. When you don’t want to meet someone in person but you meet them online and can’t live without them.

5. You put + sign of you name which you often see on your Google home page.

Jumpdates is not against social networking or online dating sites (we will never be) but, what we want to tell you guys is that there is life outside of this also and you need to enjoy that important part of your life. It’s a great feeling that you have found your date online but, go out with them and enjoy your dating and social life as it develops.

Add some of your thoughts on what could be the weirdest thing that social dysfunction makes you do.

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