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Modern Darwinism of Dating

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

We all are aware of Darwin’s theory of evolution. Charles Darwin proposed a hypothesis almost a hundred and fifty years ago which is applicable to dating today.

Darwin’s Laws and Modern Dating:

1. The Premise: All life is related and descended from a common ancestor. Over time the complex creatures have evolved from a simple ancestor. Same can be applied to relationship as relationships have become so complex over time. People look out for benefits in a dating relation and people evolve into different personalities

Modern Darwinism of Dating

Modern Darwinism of Dating

2. Natural Selection: people when dating follow this principle as each person looks out for qualities that preserve their personality and offer them minor advantages out of the relationship. It is the preservation of functional advantage and elimination of inferior qualities according to ones temperament

3. Slowly but Surely: no relationship blossoms or flowers overnight, there can never be a sudden leap in the relationship status but a gradual advancement to the next stage of the relationship. Each individual is a complex personality. To understand the other person is a slow and gradual process. Only after understanding each other, the relationship evolves into a rich and meaningful relations

4. Theory In Crisis: we as humans do not need a microscope to see the effect of the complications in a relationship. Specific complexities exist in every relationship which may make or mar a relationship. Each aspect of the relationship has to be handled differently like how we use the eye to focus in different amounts of light

Modern Darwinism of dating can be so rightly called a law and not a theory in the modern world as well as each person unknowingly follows the above four laws for a successful relationship.

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