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Are designer labels really necessary to boost your self-image

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

I recently went to a local shopping precinct that has opened up here in Pleasanton, California. This new shopping venue is different in that it had many of the famous shopping names that you only find in top notch areas such as Beverly Hills or 5th Ave, New York. Designer labels such as Prada, Bang & Olufsen, Movado and many others. I got thinking and wondered what kind of people would purchase these high-end clothes, attire etc which may be ten times costlier than a typical high street shop. What kinds of people are these and how is self-image important to them.



Naturally, these high end boutique shops must have an audience if they wanted to sell a $500 hand-bag which they have plenty of. I believe a person makes a very personal statement if they choose a Versace pants over one found at Sears say. The first question that comes to mind, is whether these groups of people have to have a lot of disposable income in order to purchase these high end products. In my opinion, although it is safe to say that many high income bracket earners will have the purchasing power for these kind of products, there are will also be a group of people who will purchase these products by saving up or buying on credit. A typical case is when you purchase a car, and many buy on higher purchase and make payments monthly whereas others pay cash outright.

There is definitely a feel-good factor that makes people desire these high end fashion items and this tells us a story about this individual person. People have a craving to feel good and buying attractive goods that you can adorn or play with can boost one’s ‘happiness’ factor. There is no doubt many men will get an instant buzz when they acquire a brand new car and more so if it’s a car that they always wanted. Similarly, the female gender will gloat over clothing and shoes that dazzle themselves and their friends. Why do we make these choices and how does it affect our self-image?

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