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Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Going on a romantic candle lit dinner, watching a romantic movie on the couch or doing a social activity is an aging sign of your creativity and gets boring if you keep doing it every now and then.

Here are top 6 bio-green dating ideas that should excite you

1. A romantic walk – Often couples talk about a long drive in the full moon night and find it romantic but how about a greener option, to have a walk with no mechanical engine emitting carbon dioxide spoiling the environments. Watching twinkling stars and sharing those romantic moments, you probably won’t get that in urban life.

Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

Top 6 Bio Green Fun Dating Ideas

2. Planting a Tree – This is cool bio green date idea if you are a nature lover. Plant a tree and see this growing like the love, trust and faith in your relationship. You can also compare this with watching your kids grow up.

3. Community Service – Caring about nature for only one day is not going to help you a great deal. Get active in community services with your love and take part in the National Civic Education Program and get active with students and teachers.

4. Live Rural life – Life is too busy in the cities and even if you have all the facilities to make your life easier, it could be making it too complex and dependent. Plan a day in county in lush green meadow and clean air. Don’t forget the wine testing if you have that near your vicinity.

More SEXY but, Green Dating Ideas

5. Take a bath Together – Save water to save earth, bath together to save water. There are couples who don’t like this but; it can be fun when you think of this as a cause of saving water. There are many slippery moments you need to watch out for same and eco-friendly bath. If your bathtub is as big as this, taking a bubble bath is fun.

6. Turn off the lights - Turn off the lights and celebrate your earth hour even on the odd day. However, don’t forget to buy eco-friendly sex toys and lubricants from this website. Check out a few more tips on how to get green in bed.

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Four Tips on Successful Dating

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Allow for Time
When you are going on your date, remember to allow yourself good time for traffic and other unexpected delays. Don’t arrive too early or too late, this can appear as desperate or a couldn’t care attitude from your dating partner

Four Tips on Successful Dating

Four Tips on Successful Dating

Aware of your Senses

When you go on a date, you may be very shy and become tongue-tied. Remember, there is many things to talk about that will keep you calm and cool. Pay close attention to the sights and sounds of everything around you to make for light hearted conversation. This will keep you from feeling uncomfortable and get you to talk in a relaxed way.

Think about your Partner
If you have been observant as well as being inquisitive about your partner’s interest, you will no doubt find things that he/she likes or even dislikes. Take time to learn what they like to do, eat or other activities and find out common activities or events where you both will have a great time. This also wins the appeal of your partner, after all this is your aim, if you are interested in a longer-term relationship with him/her.

Make it Different
Plan ahead and think about where you will want to go for dates and what things will be fun for either of you. This will make you appear more interested and develop a genuine interest in each other with good intentions.

To date successfully, you will need to keep your wits around you. Present yourself as an interesting person and don’t fret over things that your partner may or may not like. Even the smallest things can turn out to be very fun. For example, if you like gardening or flowers, buy some bulbs and then take your date to the place where you can plant them. You will find yourself and your date talking about all kinds of topics and not necessarily about plants.

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Are designer labels really necessary to boost your self-image

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

I recently went to a local shopping precinct that has opened up here in Pleasanton, California. This new shopping venue is different in that it had many of the famous shopping names that you only find in top notch areas such as Beverly Hills or 5th Ave, New York. Designer labels such as Prada, Bang & Olufsen, Movado and many others. I got thinking and wondered what kind of people would purchase these high-end clothes, attire etc which may be ten times costlier than a typical high street shop. What kinds of people are these and how is self-image important to them.



Naturally, these high end boutique shops must have an audience if they wanted to sell a $500 hand-bag which they have plenty of. I believe a person makes a very personal statement if they choose a Versace pants over one found at Sears say. The first question that comes to mind, is whether these groups of people have to have a lot of disposable income in order to purchase these high end products. In my opinion, although it is safe to say that many high income bracket earners will have the purchasing power for these kind of products, there are will also be a group of people who will purchase these products by saving up or buying on credit. A typical case is when you purchase a car, and many buy on higher purchase and make payments monthly whereas others pay cash outright.

There is definitely a feel-good factor that makes people desire these high end fashion items and this tells us a story about this individual person. People have a craving to feel good and buying attractive goods that you can adorn or play with can boost one’s ‘happiness’ factor. There is no doubt many men will get an instant buzz when they acquire a brand new car and more so if it’s a car that they always wanted. Similarly, the female gender will gloat over clothing and shoes that dazzle themselves and their friends. Why do we make these choices and how does it affect our self-image?

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Top Wines To Drink On Winter Date Nights

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

When the chill in the air rises, wines are the drink of the evening. It is stylish to drink wine and follow the trends that change according to the season. When on a date, it is exciting to spend time with him/her and make it more enjoyable when you both share common interests. Add more body to your dating life with top pick wines to drink on your winter date.


Chardonny- the full bodied and crisp wines from Chablis with characteristics taste of fine grapes. This wine goes well with all white foods such as poultry and vegetables.

Gewurztraminer- is best prepared from grapes from France and Italy. This wine has an aroma of lychee and roses and goes well with spicy Asian food.

Pinot Bianco- is a rich green apple aroma wine from Italy. Goes very well with cheese dishes.

Riesling- is an ideal white grape wine for winters which goes well with roast turkey and ham. It is extremely smooth and leaves you with a glow of happiness.

Sparkling Wines- go well with all foods, be it in pastries or cheese loaded with hors d’oeuvres.

Dessert Wines- are ultra sweet so makes for a wonderful meal-ender in winters. Go extremely well with rich cheese or salty desserts. Austrian dessert wines are the best in the world.

La Cala Vermentino 2007- is beautiful, crisp wine from Italy which makes a great combination with seafood especially oysters.

Zinfandel- is a full bodied Californian wine to be enjoyed on a winter night.

As the nights get lengthy and the days become shorter, enjoy this heart warming liquid with your date on those cold winter nights in front of a fire or a cozy sofa.

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Top5: Dumb Ways To Find A Date Before The World Ends on 21 Dec 2012

Friday, December 7th, 2012

There are smart ways to find a date and each person tries to find the most suitable date by applying brains. The world is rumored to end in 2012. Here are some dumb ways to find a date before the world ends on 21 Dec 2012.

She was baking a cake and he knocked on the door. She walked up to the door, opened it, the breeze blew her hair into her eyes. She brushed her hair with flour covered hands which smeared her face. She looked ridiculously funny and he laughed. The laughter broke the ice and they were dating.
Instead of gifting her real roses on Rose day, just give her fake rose that can spurt out water. With a deep look into her eyes, whisper warm wishes and pump the water onto her face. She may flip for your silly plot and there you have a date.

Advertise in the newspaper. Give a personal ad with exactly what you are looking for and you will be surprised by the responses you get.

Be a volunteer at charity events. Though you have no interest in the service, your altruistic act might just pay off and get you a date.

Enroll in ball room dancing classes. Stamp on the foot of the guy you wish to date to start the conversation and there you have your date.

Try these dumb ways and see your success rate go higher in getting dates.

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