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The Low Down on - Free Dating Platform Review

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 has weathered pretty much the panda storm that Google introduced in the last year and have held onto good seo rankings. This has enabled the site to acquire much needed users to its simple but effective website. However today, free dating sites are now finding it increasingly difficult to generate badly needed operating cash just from ad revenue alone. Free dating sites have now resorted to interesting ways to generate cash and Mingle2 utilizes some of these interesting methods.

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Some tips on choosing fantastic free dating sites - Dr Dato’s Brief

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Today more and more dating sites are coming onto the scene and the typical person is now left with a bewildering number of choices. These dating sites and often completely free dating sites seem to cover every niche and angle you can think of.

There are free dating sites that cater to the music lovers, cat lovers and even people who are into gadgets.

What to choose and where to start?

Most people would rush to any dating site that they find through surfing or doing searches and when something grabs their attention, they sign up without any questions. This is often a mistake because many free dating sites put a glamorous front-end in order to lure you into signing up but once you have registered you find that there are many people lacking on the site. We have covered reviews of many free dating sites in our blog, just to to the category on the right to Free Dating Site Reviews where we have done the hard work for you and have gone through the whole process and give you unbiased opinion of the site.

One important factor that differentiates good free dating sites over others is the member base. You will find in our reviews that we have a special section on member base which we determine through several parameters including traffic and visits to the site. Above all, pick a dating site that has a good member base, because this will be more important than just simply the snazzy looks.

looks can be deceiving with some free dating sites

looks can be deceiving with some free dating sites

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Review of Free Online Dating Site – - Part 6

Friday, June 10th, 2011

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Registration is a 2 step processes and user can finish this in less than 10 mins, if you wish to write more in detail about you and your likely date then that can take more time. Uploading of picture is easy but you can upload only 9 pics.

Searching is not categorized in to different section like other 100 free dating site and there is only searching patters, if you wish the skip any thing then you just leave that field.

Messaging is good and has feature like free online dating and free email to connect. There is a New Free Chat feature is also added, where you can create online chat room and chat with available members.

Website needs to thing about adding few more features apart from the music and video – not sure how many people use it with availability YouTube.

Website has an average member base and looking to add more and more every day.

Ranking of the site is again low, if you are looking for some serious dating, you can sign up to this site and but do sign up to other free dating sites too.

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