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Space for dating sites in India - Facebook offering no fun to Young Indians

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

There are alarming signs for the world’s biggest social networking site Facebook in that the younger generation of the world’s 2nd largest nation in population India does not see Facebook as a fun place.

The recent survey done by the TimeofIndia tech wing shows that 70% of young adults in the age group between 19 to 30 said that Facebook has lost its charm in the last 3 years as they say it has become a crowded place and most of the time they get distracted by advertisements and they can’t concentrate on what they like to see and hear.

Space for dating sites in India - Facebook offering no fun to Young Indians

Space for dating sites in India - Facebook offering no fun to Young Indians

There is one segment of young Indian singles says that it’s not fun when you see your grandparents in your friends list and can see all your activities all the time and they can’t even un-friend them that easily.

The survey also revealed that with strong spam check system Facebook use that do not allow you to send friend request to strangers and this can lead to temporary or permanent ban. Another thing which seems to not work for Facebook is that it has become too open to all. When you like a picture it is visible to all which is good for marketing purpose but, times when you do not want to show this to others and that is where it looses it’s grip on the user. Indian social DNA is very strong and they do not need any social site to bring their family members closer but, young men and women are looking for that mysterious stranger to have fun and want to hang out.

Apart from this, India is also going through a social change where dating is becoming more acceptable but nuclear families as they are in the first line are the ones testing it. This makes India a hot market especially for free dating sites because these singles still won’t like to pay for something they are trying for the first time. Calling India as a hot marketing has its reason like –

1. India has 53% of its total population between the age group of 18 yrs to 35 years according to latest Indian census 2011 data. Looking for love, the television and the internet has made a significant impact on the way they see the world and topics that were once considered taboo to previous generations are now discussed openly.

2. Penetration of internet in India has happened in the last scale in past 4 years and now Indian telecom operators are getting a move on with 4G technology and soon the average internet speed in India is going to lightning fast which is 1Mbps as per the latest data dated on Aug 10, 2012.

3. The sale of Android based Smartphones and Tablets have picked up to an all time high. According to the latest data provided by International Telecommunication Union and India is the 2nd largest market for and beating USA [report].

All these are contributing to a great deal that India is the most fertile land for dating sites and site like and are already creating a lot of buzz which is heavily influenced by established matrimonial sites like

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Long distance Relationship - Why Not to Date an Indian? - Part 2

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

The closely knit social system creates tremendous pressure on the family members to adhere to the norms of the society and family. The house, business and property are all shared by the family members and passed on the son who is the heir. Status and respect in society is bigger than the individual person in India. Respect and face cannot be lost by going against the social norm. The girl is brought up in a manner where she is taught that the husband that the elders find for her is the right match and she has to live with him till her death no matter what. The girl cannot even think of having a relationship with any other man. Same applies to the guys, he cannot think of a relationship without the consent of the elders in the family as he may be thrown out of the family without a penny in his name.

Long distance Relationship - Why Not Date an Indian? - Part 2

Long distance Relationship - Why Not Date an Indian? - Part 2

The Indian society believes that the relationship between the man and the woman is very sacred. Indulging in a relationship with any other person than the spouse is punishable in the court of God. Being God fearing populous, most of them are hesitant to even talk to the opposite sex.

The court of law in India supports the woman against whom any sort of crime that is committed against her. One single complaint to the police made by the woman results in an arrest of the guy. Yes he can arrange for his bail and legal proceeding can begin. The judicial system delivers the judgment in years so you never know how much time and money you will have to spend to acquit yourself of a crime of asking a woman out. Simply asking a girl for a date or weekend together can result in her taking offence and filing a complaint for sexually harassment. Even if you have just asked her out, she refuses and you leave gives her the right to file a police complaint against you. The police here will immediately round you up and begin trial proceedings.

The Indian society is changing but not so rapidly. The culture and values are so strongly imbibed in the brains that it will take a lot many generations for this to change. Yes there are a few who have changed their thinking and are open to a long distance relationship which makes one wonder whether they do understand the consequences or are just doing it because other westerners are doing it. It is still not the right time to begin a long distance relationship with an Indian, but hopefully it will get there.

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Long distance Relationship - Why Not to Date an Indian? - Part 1

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

India is the second most populated nation in the world and 50% of the population is below 35 year which increases the probability of finding a date for a long distance relationship. India is one of the fastest developing nations in the world with a very strong economy, stable government. The people there follow diverse cultures and traditions that make India a complex mix of people who live in complete harmony. Wow!! It would be very interesting to date an Indian is what we think, right? Well don’t, read to know why.

Long distance Relationship - Why Not Date an Indian? - Part 1

Long distance Relationship - Why Not Date an Indian? - Part 1

The art of living is the culture there. India has multiple religions and religious beliefs. Most of the families live here as a joint family. There is a hierarchy that is strictly followed in all societies. Family values are very important. India is a patriarchal society where parents or the elders in the house decide who their child should marry. This aspect is drilled into the brain right from childhood that parents will choose their life partner as they are the best judge of what is best for the child. Yes, an adult in India remains a child and the parents keeps monitoring the daughter’s life till she gets married (after which her husband does) and the son’s life till they are alive. Marriages are thought to be for a life time and divorce is looked down upon. It is a social stigma which gets a bad name for the family and ill-repute to the girl who is always blamed for a broken marriage as she is the one who has the courage to walk out of the relationship.

Arranged marriage is a tradition in India though love marriages have become quite common in metros cities. There seems to be a slight change in attitude in bigger cities but not in the smaller cities as yet. A long distance relationship just does not fit into the psyche of the Indians. You fall in love with the one you marry. There is love after marriage and not love before marriage. This is one of the major psychological barriers which make it difficult to develop a long distance relationship with an Indian.

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