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Join a site like jumpdates and enjoy Online Dating Safety

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

With online dating a norm these days, single men and women have an incredible opportunity to make new friends and possibly find a life partner. Of course, there is always the need to date safely whether you date online or offline. When it comes to online dating safety, there is a lot women can do to date safely. The first thing is to never give out your personal information, which includes your full name, address, phone number, and personal email id. You have free dating sites like jumpdates that offer you chat rooms, instant messaging, and email exchanges without charging you a dime so make that most of it. If someone does persist on having your phone number or address when you aren’t ready to disclose such details, it is time to move on.
One of the most important aspects of online dating safety is to join a reliable site that does not disclose your information to any third party. All it takes is a bit of common sense and precaution to date safely, and most of it depends on you keeping your information a secret until you are comfortable disclosing your phone number of email id to someone you haven’t yet met. Speaking of meeting, that is also one of the important elements of online dating safety. Do make sure that first encounter is in a public place where you feel comfortable and safe. Other than that, learn to enjoy your online dating experience. That’s what dating is all about.

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UK police to warn women of online dating offenders - Dr Dato’s Brief

Monday, July 18th, 2011

I recently read an interesting post in a UK newsletter about the government’s efforts to provide a service to women to warn them of potential abusive men that they may come across in dating websites. This work was spurred by ‘Calre’s Law’ which was advocated by government officials in the recent murder of a woman who found a man through an online dating site.

The idea behind this work is that the UK government has an extensive database of offenders and many women can find comfort in conducting a search though the database for potential offenders.

Although, this is a noble move by the government, it does not solve the entire problem.

In particular, new offenders will not be found in the database because no incident has been logged. The online dating industry is a growing power house that will attract many individuals from all parts of society including reclusive and violent people. Since many of these offenders are almost always loners and live in a world all by themselves, the virtual world offers a perfect avenue to converse with women and overcome their social deficiencies.

The help from the UK government cannot preclude the fact that, women will always have to remain vigil whomever they have to date and they need to take appropriate measures and always follow these rules:

- Tell a friend you are going to meet someone you met online

- Always meet in a public place

- Never go inside of a car with someone you just met

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Online Dating Safety tips you must practice

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Although dating online is perceived as the safer way to find a partner than traditional dating, it is important to exercise caution and common sense. You have the benefit of dating at your own pace and only as far as you feel comfortable, but the key is to understand what online dating safety is all about. A few simple steps can help you enjoy your online dating experiences. To begin with, you aren’t really sure of the person you initiate contact with. A profile and a few pictures is all you have to go by. This is a good start but you still need to get to know each other better before you exchange any phone numbers, surnames, and addresses. You won’t want to reveal too much to a stranger. Online dating safety is all about being alert and not rushing into anything.
Free dating sites give you all the resources to communicate through chat rooms, email, and instant messaging. So make use of these resources and have extended conversations before you actually decide to meet. Remember, online dating safety does begin with you. Maintain a degree of anonymity and you will be able to date safely and successfully. There is no harm in doing a bit of a background check either. Any additional information can only bring you peace of mind. It is probably best to meet at a public place on your first real date. This will make both of you feel comfortable and enjoy those moments better.

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Choose free dating sites that care about your Online Dating Safety

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

There are many single men and women successful at online dating. The internet has revolutionized the way people date. It is so much easier to connect with compatible individuals. Nevertheless, you need to consider online dating safety very seriously. It is important to stay safe when you foray into the world of dating online. The first thing is to create an email address solely for the purpose of receiving mail from the online dating site. Keep names out of your email address and most certainly look for the most reliable free dating sites. Sites that offer privacy protection and a secure environment are the only ones you ought to consider. Sites like jumpdates are serious about providing online dating safety for its members.

Choose free dating sites that care about your Online Dating Safety

Choose free dating sites that care about your Online Dating Safety

Free dating sites offer you a free chat room, instant message service, and email facilities. Don’t ever make the mistake of giving your personal information to a stranger on your first few virtual meetings. All it takes is a bit of commonsense and precautions to ensure your online dating safety. If anyone insists on your phone number or address on your first chat then stay away from such members. This is one of the golden rules of online dating safety. During your chats pay attention to what your potential date has to say. If there is anything within the text that sounds potentially dangerous then it is definitely time to move on. Free dating sites offer the option to block individuals that you desire not to communicate with. However, in the process, don’t forget to enjoy dating online.

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