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Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

Friday, April 12th, 2013

There has been a lot of talk about extramarital affairs and relationships outside of marriages all over the world. People from different countries and religion have different views on this controversial topic. For example, in South Asian countries it is a taboo thing whereas in Islam men can have multiple wife’s and it is allowed provided husband has to provide separate accommodation for them. [Resource] However, one cannot call it as an extramarital relationship since it is done in the open. Even in the Bible there are stories of polygamy and marriages with multiple partners.

Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

Extramarital Relationship for FUN Only

However, life is getting busy and humans want to explore new ways to get thrilled and moments that provide them with FUN and in the process we are crossing all the moral hurdles but unfortunately the embedded chip of moral policing is missing in us modern humans.

But, behind increasing extramarital relationships we need to find out the reasons and factors about what researchers have to say about this.

• Researchers from France found that extramarital relationships are making men loyal to their marriages. They also found that male whose father spend less time with them during childhood are more likely to form extramarital relationship. [Research]

• We also like to see the effect of commercialization of sex, pills and material related to this. Today, buying sex is easy and people with surplus money are doing this all the time. You can find plenty of adult dating and sex dating sites that attract men and women to get cozy with taglines to have fun.

• We should also turn the pages of history and read Psychology and sexual inversion of Sex by Havelock Ellis where he explains the fantasies, truth and other untouched areas of sex.

Even celebrities are not an exception here; find out more celebrity affairs outside their marriages. Comment on this article and tell us what will trigger you to have a relationship outside of your marriage or long-term relationship.

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How to Date Multiple Boyfriends at the Same Time

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The mind always looks out for a variety as it is in pursuit of internal satisfaction and happiness. Variety is the spice of life! This holds true in relationships as well since time is at a premium and it can come and go very fast. Indian Kings had multiple wives who lived together in complete harmony. The scenario today seems to be moving towards the polygamist trend. This definitely strains and breaks relationship.



With women becoming more informed and outgoing, it is not surprising that she needs multiple boyfriends for mental satisfaction. With so many dating sites in the world wide web, the world has shrunk to the size of the screen. Each person has multiple interests so curiosity for multiple relationships is gaining priority. Association with multiple people has become a need and a necessity.

Here are a few tips to handle multiple boyfriends at the same time-

• Pretend to be the damsel in distress and get all the sympathy from the guys you want.

• Always be polite with all these guys and be naive enough to deny any relationship you share with other guys.

• Guys have a habit of checking out the cell phone as they feel most insecure. Save names of your boyfriends by different names so he will never know who spoke or texted you.

• Don’t ever compare (even in your mind) the qualities and attitudes of the boyfriends as that will surely ruin your relationship.

• Guys find outgoing, suave girls more exciting. Flaunt all that you have and be the apple of their eyes and others to envy.

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Why Polygamist Relationships are Creating a Hype?

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Yes, you read it correct, the recent example in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where a woman is asking the government to stay away from her polygamist relationship with her partner. You would think that everyone would say no when it comes to sharing a partner for an intimate relationship, especially women.

Why Polygamist Relationships are Creating a Hype

Why Polygamist Relationships are Creating a Hype

This polygamist relationship is between a couple and a female friend of the male partner. All three of them are happy with this relationship and don’t want others to interfere as it’s none of their business.

Jumpdates did a research on this and found that these polygamist relationships are not new on earth as Kings in India used to have more than one queen at a time. They all used to stay together, there were no such problems and polygamist relationships were practiced (few in numbers) before 1955 when Indian parliament made an amendment to the Hindu marriage.

This shows that polygamist relationships are not new and they go back in history and we maybe seeing a revival. Are we on the verge of developing a new relationship trend amongst young generation and referred to it as GenNext?

Comment on this article and tell us your views on this type of relationship or what you like to predict about the future of relationships.

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